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Graham Watch Silverstone GMT Limited Edition Watch Review

The Graham Watch Silverstone GMT Limited Edition represents the need for classic beauty and technological efficiency within a watch platform. 


Manufactured with a limitation of 250 pieces, the Silverstone GMT is a testimony to their belief in contemporary timekeepers with a classic stylistic presence. Steering away from ‘show-off’ watches, Graham designs with a direct intention utilising imagination of the creative expert team with a high attention to detailing and core values embedded in the brands historic journey. Their contemporary vision is admired by frequent flyers, elite professionals, international travellers and gentleman racers alike.



The Graham Watch Silverstone RS GMT boasts an abundance of innovative features that upholds the masterpieces title of a Limited Edition piece that demands attention. The GMT function along with the oversized date display positioned at 6 o’clock allows for the time to read easily whilst travelling via different time zones; an important feature for the sophisticated globetrotter. The time and date is legible at a quick glance and set by the graduation on the black ceramic (Zr02) bezel. The hour can be adjusted independently from the regular hour hand. Other functions include the tachymeter and flyback, which all contribute to the elegant and sophisticated design. 


The striking, dramatic design is a tribute to their creativity yet remains functional due to their classic core values. The oversized, bold aesthetic with a unique tan leather strap compliments the numerical and baton markings with matching hour hands. The injection of red allows for legibility against the layered dial surface, which forms a strong depth to the timepiece.


Buy the Graham Watch Silverstone GMT Limited Edition at Jura Watches.

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