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Breitling Emergency II Watch Review

The Breitling Emergency II featured on last night’s Top Gear.


Richard Hammond was marooned at the Canadian Rockies to test the watch's capabilities. The idea is to be positioned in a remote location without phone signal and method of returning home without assistance. Apparently, the Breitling Emergency II can transmit distress signals by pulling out the required pins. The individual/teams precise position is sent to a team of professionals who will rescue the stranded and return them to safety. The distress signal lasts for 24 hours until the battery runs out yet in theory a rescue team should arrive in hours unless you are Jeremy Clarkson and James May who purposely leave Richard stranded for over the required mark. The timepiece complete with a distress beacon is available with a black (featured), orange or yellow dial complete with a titanium casing and strap. 


Breitling specialises in technical watches with a focus on reliability, high performance and precision. The luxury watch brand pride themselves on fitting all models with mechanical chronometer-certified movements, which are manufactured and developed entirely in-house to guarantee accuracy and efficiency - a rarity in watchmaking. Deriving from their training in aviation, safety is at the core of the brand alongside high quality in all of their instruments. Breitling is in fact the world’s major watch brand to exclusively present all its movements - mechanical and quartz - to the merciless tests of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). 


Breitling’s timepieces are designed to withstand intensive use in extreme conditions by devoting time to developing exquisite quality and precision within each of their watches. The chronograph specialist dedicates attention to the technical development process ensuring to remain innovative with new inventions. Each design is easy to use with functional and purposeful intentions with every adaptation. The exploration into new realms with a focus on technicality, quality and attention to detail results in exquisite timepieces that are outstanding and beautifully crafted with expert finishings. 


Take a look for yourself at our luxury Breitling range.

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