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Bremont MKI and MKII Watch Review

Jaguar and Bremont set to launch two new watch collaborations debuting at Baselworld this coming March. 


The returning partnership acts as a reaction to the previous overwhelming response to the launch of the six Bremont chronometers. The long lasting relationship between the two British firms created six timepieces that compliment the six ‘continuation’ lightweight E-Type sports racing cars actively being built by Jaguar. The two new models find inspiration in the road-going Jaguar E-Type, which at the 1961 launch was hailed to be the fastest production car in the world and the “most beautiful” claimed Enzo Ferrari. 


Ian Callum - Jaguar’s Director of Design - and the creative team at Bremont are determined to capture the E-Type’s essence in a watch platform. Therefore, the partnership focused particularly on an important feature of the racing car - the dashboard. The speedometer and tachometer (rev counter) was a strong design influence of the Bremont Jaguar MKI and MKII wrist watches. 


Ian Callum confirms: “Like the Bremont watch we designed to compliment the Special GT, or ‘Lightweight’ E-Type continuation cars, the MKI and MKII pieces had to capture the spirit of what is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sports cars of all time in a subtle and intelligent way.”


The MKI is an adaptation of the original ‘Lightweight’ limited edition watch. The new design has kept many of the existing features yet has altered aspects where necessary to create a more accessible timepiece. The team have opted for a polished slim stainless steel casing instead of the white gold and aluminium version, the addition of the date window at 6 o’clock and a new movement sits behind the dial and double-domed crystal of the 43mm MKI watch. The tachometer inspired dial complete with the off-set small seconds indicator and a distinctive ‘red line’ quadrant between three and four nods to the original Lightweight edition. On the reverse of the MKI sits the exquisite finished movement on display through the sapphire crystal case back. The automatic winding weight is a direct reference of the three-spoke E-Type steering wheel complete with the iconic Jaguar head - a feature also showcased in the MKII.



The MKII is a true representation of the 1960s sports car motoring era with the striking black dial showcasing the Jaguar heritage positioned above the six o’clock position and each hour marking taking the direct style of the numerals etched on E-Type instruments. Also, the subtle ‘red line’ on the 60-minute counter again reflects the E-Type’s tachymeter. The two sundials sitting at three and nine o’clock is created via the beautifully decorated BE-50AE automatic movement, which has undergone customisation by Bremont to a unique specification. 


The double-domed crystal finished by the 43mm stainless steel case - which is manufactured in the UK by Bremont using it’s three-part ‘Trip-Tick’ technology ensuring a hardness seven times greater than a normal steel watch - looks back to the yesteryears giving a true vintage feel. 


Both designs will be produced with a perforated ‘racing strap’ to pay homage to the inspiration behind the timepiece. 


Available for pre-order here.

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