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Nomos Metro 38 Datum Watch Review

Nomos will introduce the Metro 38 Datum at Baselworld 2015. 


The design has taken great inspiration from it’s predecessor and the original Metro, which has received worldwide approval with a collection of numerous prestigious design awards. Influenced by the 2014 model, Berlin-based designer Mark Braun’s alterations have both added and subtracted subtle features to create a new timepiece for watch enthusiasts. On first glance, many may neglect to notice the difference between the two models yet those who have an eye for detail and an admiration for watch design will instantly embrace the improved design. 


The watch face is enlarged by 1.5mm taking the new diameter to 38.5mm rather than 37mm. A slight increase that will excite design purists and spectators who are drawn to oversized models. The removal of the power reserve display, which was initially perceived as bringing a quirky nature to the model with an unusual presentation of the display and an off-centre position. The location of the power reserve allowed for the brand name to be positioned at the 9 o’clock mark whereas the new dial will accommodate the title at the classic 12 o’clock point. With a beige dial colouring replacing the crisp white shade of the previous model, the Nomos Metro 38 Datum takes on a more classic, subdued persona compared to the sharp, artistic appearance the year before. 


Nomos has invested a large amount of time and money to produce a mechanical structure that is innovative. The research and development process involved Germany’s Carl Haas GmbH, (a precision spring specialist) to focus on the metallurgy and manufacturing and the University of Dresden to ensure that the maths and physics were in fact correct. The caliber DUW (in reference to Deutsche Uhrenwerke) debuted the in-house Nomos “Swing System” escapement, balance wheel and spring. The majority of watch brands do not manufacture these components choosing to buy the parts from Swatch Group’s Nivarox. The manual-wind DUW 4101 stands proudly on display behind a sapphire crystal. 


The Nomos 38 Datum will be available in June 2015.

In the meantime absorb the Nomos designs available at Jura Watches.

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