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Polar Explorers Wear Alpina Watches to Cross World's Largest Glaciers

Alpina is supporting polar explorers Borge Ousland and Vincent Colliard in their IceLegacy mission to cross the 20 largest glaciers in the world. The explorers will test their Alpina watches in extreme conditions during the 10-year project.

Borge Ousland, the only man to have crossed the North and South poles alone, and his partner Vincent Colliard began their mission in June 2014 by crossing the Novaya Zemlya Glacier in Russia - the largest in Europe. They will continue to cross the world's largest glaciers over the next 10 years, raising public awareness about preserving the glaciers and collecting important data for the scientific community.

Alpina believes protection of the glaciers is an environmental and climate issue of "enormous importance for the future of our planet".

Ousland and Colliard will wear Alpina Alpiner 4 watches throughout the IceLegacy mission, testing the timepieces in extreme and magnetic field conditions. Travelling close to the Earth's poles requires an ISO-certified anti-magnetic watch to ensure precise and accurate measurement of time. Their experiences will be used to inform the future technical developments of Alpina watches.

The Alpina Alpiner 4 collection is said to exemplify the "four fundamental qualities of a watch that is perfectly adapted to polar exploration under extreme conditions: anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, water-resistant and in stainless steel."

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