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G-Shock GPW-1000RAF Watch Review

G-Shock has revealed its limited edition GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator watch, developed in collaboration with the Royal Air Force.

Designed to be "the ultimate pilots watch", the G-Shock GPW-1000RAF is inspired by the durability of the RAF's Chinook helicopters. The timepiece represents the advanced technology of the Royal Air Force and embodies the toughness needed for extreme conditions that G-Shock watches are well-known for.

RAF pilots worked with G-Shock to develop a Zulu time function. "Zulu time, an aviation and military term for UTC or Coordinated Universal Time, refers to time at the prime meridian, a more precise measurement of time developed from an increased accuracy at measuring the earth’s rotation," the brand explains. When the embossed red 'Z' button is pushed, the hands set to Zulu time for a few seconds before returning to local time, avoiding confusion between pilots and crew when communicating across different time zones.

The GPW-1000RAF also includes G-Shock's new Hybrid GPS/Radio Wave Ceptor function, which picks up time signals from atomic transmitters or GPS satellites to ensure perfect accuracy.

Additional features include scratch resistant sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating, and LED lit high visibility luminescent coated numbers. The carbon hands can withstand up to 12 Gs while in rotation. The watch has a resin case and band, which features the distinctive RAF logo.

The G-Shock GPW-1000RAF will be limited to 500 pieces in the UK. It will launch in November 2014, priced at £850. Further availability details to follow.
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