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Rado Watches Introduce A Lighter Way of Living

We thought it was time to shed some ultra light on the new Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light Limited Edition watch.


Rado continues to impress the watchmaking industry with brand new innovations and ideas that completely blow away all other competitors. At Baselworld this year, they revealed their brand new Hyperchrome Ultra Light watch that weighs only 56 grams and is limited to only 500 pieces.


Crafted from a trio of incredibly light materials, this Rado HyperChrome Ultra Light Limited Edition watch boasts a case made from silicon nitride ceramic, anodized aluminium and hardened titanium. This combination of materials still allows for the glisten and sophistication that comes with steel but gives a much more comfortable and lightweight feel. 


The almost futuristic design of the Rado HyperChrome Ultra Light Limited Edition watch hints at the ground breaking impact that Rado is currently having within the watchmaking world. The index free dial is textured with concentric grooves that gently sweep downward, echoing the pattern often found sculptured in the sand of a zen garden. This mesmerising image alongside the deep grey monochrome colour palette gives a simple, contemporary and easy to read finish.


The Rado Hyperchrome Ultra Light Limited Edition watch is expected to be released during September this year, but you can place a pre order deposit for it on our website now. With only 500 pieces being made available, we recommend you pre-order one today so we can allocate you one of the very first models when they are released in autumn.



Rado also released many other ground breaking models this year at Baselworld including the Rado True Open Heart Limited Edition watch of 500 pieces which has a beautifully decorated skeletonised dial covered with an ultra-fine layer of mother of pearl. You can find this watch alongside all the other new Rado watch releases here.

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