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Damasko Watches Review

Damasko Watches

Damasko Watches is the latest luxury brand to be stocked at Jura Watches; a watch label that strives for performance excellence and a strong technical progression. Let’s start from the beginning and truly get to know the watch brand that has broken boundaries driven by new inventions and innovations. 


Konrad Damasko turned his dream of designing a low maintenance yet robust mechanical watch into a reality with the help of his wife Petra and support of his three children. The first Damasko collection debuted in 1994 focusing on applying thoughtful and considered innovations through the re-design of the watchmaking instrument.


Damasko Watches


From the beginning, Konrad was highly focused on introducing technical inventions via his commitment to engineering precision. His continual breakthroughs in the watchmaking industry, which began with a patent for hardenable stainless steels resulted in a brand that was intent on leading the way in technological advancements. 


A particularly impressive invention was Mr Damasko’s release of the lubricant-free escapement, which was realised by the means of nano-technology based coatings using Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and a double eccentric ratchet winding system with low-friction ceramic ball bearings. The forward thinking concept increases the longevity of the winding whilst making it extremely low-maintenance. 


Damasko Watches


To ensure the upmost speed accuracy, Konrad carried out tests to determine which oils can withstand extreme cold temperatures as well as desert like conditions; he developed a spring and an escapement of polycrystalline silicon his designs provide the ultimate precision and protection against shocks, centrifugal and gravitational forces. 


Finally, the launch of the first Damasko automatic movement is an incredible achievement for the watchmaker and his brand. The A35-1 was launched back in 2010 and successfully entwined all of his inventions to create a work of art. The manual winding movement entitled H35 followed cementing their place in the industry. To truly deliver the finest watchmaking both movements are exquisitely finished. The cock and bridges boast Geneva stripes whilst the base plate is circular-grained and rhodium-plated and the winding wheels embrace a sun-brushed finish. 


It is evident that Damasko is dedicated to the exploration and use of new materials and innovative  processes that thrust the brand above rivals. To continually seek design improvement and the highest of quality without compromising functionality and a strong construction, a passion for invention and watchmaking is paramount. It is an honour to stock such a brand here at Jura Watches.

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