ETA Watch Movement

If you’ve never heard of an ETA watch movement, it’s time you did! Dominating the industry with their Swiss watch movements, the leading company is praised for their high quality, reliable and durable calibres favoured by top brands in the watch world. In fact, ETA has shaped Swiss watch making into what it is today.

Find out everything you need to know about ETA watch movements.


What Are ETA Watch Movements? 

Originally founded by Eterna, ETA SA Manufacture Horlogere Suisse is a Swiss watch movement manufacturer that develops and creates movements for watch brands. They offer anything from affordable quartz movements to more complicated mechanical movements to partially assembled calibres known as ébauches depending on the needs of the watch brand. Therefore, they have a very important role in the luxury watch industry.

The different grade of Standard, Elaborated, Top and Chronometer refers to their accuracy levels and the decoration of the ETA calibre. The top grade movements with COSC certifications are amongst the best available in the industry earning a strong reputation.

Are ETA Movements Good?

Due to their many, many years of experience and their relationship with luxury watch brands worldwide, ETA have developed movements that are very reliable. Watch manufacturers can always rely on ETA to deliver time and time again. Any errors or hiccups within the mechanism have been successfully worked out over the years after manufacturing and improving a huge amount of movements. Therefore, the performance and dependability is recognised in the industry.  

Another advantage of ETA movements is that the majority of watchmakers are very familiar with them. Also, watch parts are not exclusive and therefore, easy to access at an affordable price point. 

The Popular Choices

There is a trio of automatic watch movements that standout against the rest and are favoured by some of the leading brands in the industry such as TAG Heuer, Oris, Maurice Lacroix and Breitling. These codes may go undetected, as brands like to change the number sequence to a unique new one, exclusive to them.

tissot-watch-movementThe ETA 2824 is reliable, accurate and durable earning the title of a workhorse providing the hours, minutes, sweep seconds and date functions. The robust yet precise movement is simple yet effective.

The ETA 2892 is very similar to the ETA 2824 offering the same functions yet with a much slimmer profile, which is considered a more premium model.

The ETA 7750 Vajoux automatic chronograph movement is very popular amongst watch brands. A three-plane cam system replaces the intricate column wheel making it much easier to produce the large quantities required.

Of course, there are many more movements with an outstanding reputation that ETA keeps developing maintaining their accuracy, robustness and reliability.

Who Uses ETA Calibres?

Many brands that do not have the facilities, time or financial resources to manufacture a movement in-house outsource from ETA to power their watches. From smaller, independent companies to larger, famous brands use the services that ETA provides. Those who are part of the Swatch Group along with ETA (Certina and Tissot), do take advantage of this connection. Some choose to use their standard movement whereas others opt for a bespoke, unique movement tailored exclusively to them such as Longines.

The reason many watch brands choose to use ETA movements is due to the cost of in-house manufacture. It is very expensive and a large investment for even the large, well known brands. It also takes a lot of time, therefore many watch brands choose to modify ETA movements or ébauches as an alternative to manufacturing in-house. The modification could be as small as changing the rotor with the brands name on it.