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Under the Lens with the New Bremont ENG300 Movement

Bremont has launched the new steel, rose gold and white gold Longitude Limited Edition watches which can be pre-ordered now at Jura Watches. In addition to its limited production series, the new Bremont Longitude watch also houses a manufacture movement – a first for the British watchmaker – the ENG376


Yesterday Bremont introduced a brand-new movement to the world – the ENG300. Rich with components that are made in-house at The Wing – Bremont’s new manufacturing facility that opened earlier this year – it is thought that the successful British watch brand will aim to produce around 5000 of this new movement in the year 2022, in addition to those that feature in the new Bremont Limited Edition Longitude watches.



The particular engine from the new Bremont ENG300 series is the ENG376 movement, equipped with 22 jewels and a silicone escapement for improved resistance to magnetic damage. Now, there are so many nitty-gritty details we are yet to learn about the new manufacture movement, but what we do know is that Bremont is certainly developing its own balance, wheel bridges, automatic, barrel and base plate. The barrel bridge even carries its own engraved “Made in England” hallmark. The undisclosed third parties thought to supply the hairsprings, silicone escapements and screws are deemed part of Bremont’s IP. There is also thought to be around 3,500 steps in creating the base calibre of the Bremont ENG300, and at least 80% of the development process of the movement is claimed to lie with Bremont.


The ENG300 movement debuts in three new models that go by the name of the new Bremont Longitude watches. The 18ct rose gold and 18ct white gold iterations that are limited to 75 pieces accompany 150 stainless steel pieces and pay tribute to a milestone in historic British timekeeping and early maritime navigation technology. The Flamsteed Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London is the location at where first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed made his observations to discover Longitude and subsequently laid the foundations for accurate timekeeping and navigation. The International Meridian Conference in 1884 agreed that the world should adopt Greenwich as the centre of time and longitude zero thereafter, and so the meridian line by which Longitude was referenced became the charting system used by almost all vessels during the late 18th century and onwards.



To pay homage to this important milestone in British timekeeping and navigation, Bremont incorporates a piece of original brass extracted from the Flamsteed Meridian line into a “Meridian Ring” behind a flat sapphire crystal glass caseback. The ring is formed around the architecture of the new ENG376 movement by Bremont. In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at the ENG300 movement, which sits at the heart of all three new models of the Limited Edition Longitude range.


The new Bremont ENG300 movement


The calibre of the newly conceived ENG300 movement takes a base from disruptive movement manufacture, THE+ and customizes it. The modified engine is made possible because Bremont has purchased the entire IP behind THE+’s K1 base calibre. Just an hour outside London, in Henley-on-Thames is where Bremont’s new manufacturing facility lies, named The Wing. It is here that the movement is developed, tested and positioned inside each of the new Limited Edition Longitude watches. On the surface of the watch, the movement’s power reserve is indicated in a red colour once fully charged, inspired by the Greenwich Time Ball, which rises and falls once a day to signal the 1pm mark to passing sailors. Having upgraded 80 percent of the movement in-house – the ENG300 is most certainly valued as a new entity, not a modified calibre and Bremont, of course, has all the infrastructure to support the assembly, regulation and testing of the movement independently.



What may take many fans by surprise is the fact that despite having been developed in partnership with Greenwich’s Royal Observatory, there is no GMT function in the new Limited Edition Longitude watches. Still, the focus on the new exclusive model and movement is clearly on British watchmaking and its heritage. The Bremont brothers can finally begin to express some of their movement-making ambitions after years of hitting stumbling blocks.


The details


The technical specification of the new ENG376 is very impressive. As mentioned, it features the silicon escapement that is impervious to a magnetic attraction. Plus, its balance bridge and full tungsten rotor are both designed to reflect the architecture of Bremont’s state-of-the-art headquarters at The Wing. Just as Bremont watches are made to withstand extreme shock and temperature changes, so too are its movements. As we know, the brand’s Martin-Baker watches are all subject to the same quality control tests that the ejection seats themselves are. In that same vein, Bremont has sought to make improvements to this base calibre by enhancing toughness and resilience. A full balance bridge, which supports the balance wheel assembly helps with this. The free-sprung balance wheel is more precise thanks to traditional adjustment screws whilst components such as the wheel bridge, winding bridge, and escapement have also been completely revised.



The movement from the ENG300 series is put on show behind a see-through caseback feature and is surrounded by the aforementioned piece of brass taken from the Flamsteed Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. It has also been engraved with the individual serial number of the watch. The movement produces a 65-hour power reserve and beats at a rate of 25,200 vibrations per hour whilst encased within a 100-meter water-resistant stainless steel case or 50-meter water resistant 18ct rose/white gold case. Beautiful rhodium-plated bridges with a gold-plated automatic bridge can be admired from the back of the case, along with special engravings.


To experience the new self-winding ENG376 movement from Bremont, you will require the addition of the Bremont Limited Edition Longitude watch to your collection which you can view here. Or why not call our Jura Watches sales team for more exclusive information on the new releases today on 01335 453453

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