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The Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz Watch With Red Display

Remember the Hamilton PSR MTX watch? Of course, you do. It was only two months ago. It was released to commemorate the first Matrix film. The futuristic watch featured a cyberspace-inspired green-tinted display and an all-black PVD-coated case. Before that model was the wristwatch released in 2020 that revived a throwback to the Hamilton PTR watch from the year 1970. Now it’s time for a 007 watch. Primed for any nighttime spy mission - the new Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz watch belongs to the American Classic collection and features a hybrid display with vibrant red digital numerals and a sleek black PVD-coated case.


It was over five decades ago that Hamilton released the PTR (The Pulsar Time Computer) watch. It was a revolutionary design when it appeared in the early 1970s. Despite being powered by quartz movement, it featured no ticking hands, no traditional analogue dial and no moving parts. The digital display would show the time lit up by a red LED once the wearer activated the pusher underneath his fingertips, lighting up the time at any point during the day or night.  If the wearer chose to hold the button down longer, the passing seconds would show. Innovative for its time, the Hamilton Pulsar watch was designed specifically to reserve power and was only able to light the time up once the screen was activated. In addition to this, many celebrities sported the Hamilton PTR, which marked a special legacy in the world of digital wristwatch manufacture for the brand. These included Keith Richards, Giani Agnelli and even Elton John. But perhaps no icon styled it better than Roger Moore himself in the “Live and Let Die” movie of 1973.



Hamilton couldn’t resist dipping its toes back into the revolutionary design of the PTR digital watch with the release of the 2020 PSR just a couple of years ago. It featured a distinct cushion-shaped case and a protruding sapphire crystal glass front that replaced the former mineral glass. It was offered in a stainless steel and gold PVD-coated version, limited to just 1970 pieces worldwide, or a standard stainless steel version, which accurately told the story of the iconic timepiece. With an improved water resistance of 100 meters, it offered retro Hamilton watch collectors a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with an Organic Light-Emitting Diode feature for presenting the time whenever required. This ensured a permanent display could be enjoyed whether during the night or day, but by pressing the activation button in this updated version, the time would be brought up in high-contrast by OLED numerals.


The new Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz Watch


When Roger Moore wore the Hamilton Pulsar P2 2900 model on his wrist during the filming of “Live and Let Die” in 1973, it sparked a calling for a very simple yet innovative wristwatch for its time. With one simple push of a button, the display would glow in red digital numbers against a black background to provide the time instantly and effectively. With the release of the 2020 PSR watch, Hamilton had improved the design of the display to offer a hybrid LCD and OLED display, which, as explained, would display the time regardless of lighting conditions. The new Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz watch works in the same way but is now even closer to that original design with a black display and vivid red digital numbers.



The new Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz watch bears the same dimensions of 40.88mm in width and 13.3mm in height. Its sapphire crystal glass front has ample anti-reflective coating across its surface to deflect any undesirable glare from affecting the view into the dial. Water-resistant to 100 meters and fitted on a President-style stainless steel bracelet with a stealthy black PVD-coated finish - the watch evokes a strong retro flair, whilst its lugs nicely taper from 24mm to 19mm at the clasp end.



The Hamilton lettering is present on the bottom right side of the case, whilst the dial and large, spacious bezel of the PSR watch are almost reminiscent of TV screens of the 20th century. The black PVD-coated bracelet secures to the wrist with a folding clasp and the back of the case is closed to provide optimum protection over the digital quartz movement. Just a few minutes with this new Hamilton PSR all-black watch on the wrist will remind of the PTR’s brilliance and its iconic look. For more information on the model, you can check out the full spec on the watch’s product page here online at Jura Watches or call and speak to a member of our sales team on 01335 453453


Technical specifications of the new Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz watch

  • Model: Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz
  • Collection: American Classic
  • Case; Stainless steel – 40.8mm – width: 13.3mm – black PVD coating – anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass front - LCD & OLED hybrid display – 100-meter water-resistant – closed caseback
  • Dial; Black digital screen – red digital numerals
  • Movement: Digital quartz
  • Strap: Stainless steel – black PVD coating – tapering lugs
  • Reference; H52404130
  • Price: £900
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