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The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition Watch Review


Delving deeper into the diving world, Grand Seiko unleash the Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m Diver’s watch at Baselworld 2017. Marking their first mechanical diver’s timepiece for saturation diving, Grand Seiko deliver an instrument of exceptional precision and reliability for professionals who push the limits. The Hi-Beat is designed to face the extreme reaching depths of 600m with accuracy and grace; a revolutionary device that excels in pushing boundaries of the diving world. 


Intent on keeping the identity of Grand Seiko intact, the new venture embraces the aesthetics of the brand effortlessly; the elements that distinguish a timepiece as a refined Grand Seiko beauty. The precise, clean edges and distortion-free mirror surfaces of Zaratsu polishing are evident alongside the attention to readability and accuracy; clear signs of a true Grand Seiko. 




Of course, every feature is carefully designed to enhance the diving experience with a focus on safety and without compromising on style. For example, the polished bezel grooves guarantee a firm grip when wearing thick gloves and the luminous markers positioned at every ten seconds ensure readability underwater. The patterned iron dial serves as a protection from magnetism providing a strong, masculine aesthetic. Fastened with a high-intensity titanium bracelet strap, the links are thick, robust and resistant to corrosion yet remains ultra light on the wrist. A sliding extension setting allows for the Hi-Beat 36000 to cope with pressure changes when diving underwater. 




The diver’s watch takes on two identities - the strong black dial and the limited edition deep blue, which is an exclusive shade that signifies Japanese craftsmanship and tradition and is also the colour of Grand Seiko. The luxury watch brand that prides itself on exceptional precision, fine craftsmanship, beautiful finishes and simplicity in design has created a diver’s instrument that does not steer too far from their ethos yet understands the needs of exploring these hidden depths. The two collide harmoniously creating an outstanding design.

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