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The Bell & Ross Watch BR01 Instrument De Marine Review


With a temporary pause of runways, radars and fighter planes, Bell & Ross introduce the stunning Marine Instrument collection. Aviation is at the heart of the iconic watch brand yet their quest to explore new universes has taken Bell & Ross in a completely new direction. Flight has allowed for travel to new, faraway lands, which prior to the invention of aircraft, vessels were primarily used to sail the ocean to new destinations. The first marine instrument debuted in the 17th century to navigate the ship across the seas; a poignant device that has become the inspiration for Bell & Ross’ exquisite collection.



The instruments of this time played a significant part of naval history and therefore, are deemed worthy to influence such an intricate collection. Bell & Ross have created a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic marine devices to form a bond between tradition and modernity. In particular, a scaled down version of the 18th century clock designed by engineer John Harrison is witnessed on the dial in a square case; the shape echoes the legendary ship clock and the signature style of Bell & Ross. Chosen for its contribution to the safety of long distance travel by accurately calculating the longitude whilst at sea, John Harrison’s award wining clock guaranteed precision and knowledge of their position in the ocean. 




The case that frames the white dial has been carefully considered to echo the retro influence and appeal to a contemporary market. Made from rare Indian Rosewood, the case is extremely strong with an elegant texture. The hull and masts of the vessels were made from the timber as were the cases of the devices of the time. Bell & Ross have guaranteed authenticity by withstanding the meticulous process that Indian Rosewood requires. Coated in a bronze layer the BR 01 Marine resembles the brass case originally used; a property that will naturally age with time to cement the vintage charm of the model. 




Overall, the BR 01 Marine is making waves with its dedication to naval history without loosing sight of the future. Dressed in a stunning 46mm case, the white lacquer dial welcomes the roman numerals ensuring the influence is referenced precisely. Peer through the anti-reflective sapphire glass to witness a legible dial that is manufactured to a limitation of 500 pieces. Secure with a bronze buckle pin to fasten the brown alligator strap to the wrist. 

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