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Seiko Watch Prospex The 1968 Automatic Divers Limited Edition Watch Review


Dressed in deep green, the Seiko Watch Prospex The 1968 Automatic Divers Limited Edition is inspired by the breathtaking views of the Yakushima’s primeval cedar forests. Limited to 1968 pieces, the classic design gets a lush green makeover to celebrate the fifty years since the very first Seiko 300m Hi-Beat Diver’s watch! The diving watch feels at home in Japan’s first Natural World Heritage Site with it’s exceptional visibility due to the crystal clear waters – a trait shared by the diving instrument that is known for its highly legible dial enhanced by the long-lasting LumiBrite coating.


Located off the southern coast of Kyushu, the subtropical island of Yakushima is home to some of Japan’s oldest living trees that make up the blanket of cedar forest. Imagine the beautiful paradise spot with dense, fairytale-like forests and spectacular waterfalls. No wonder Seiko was inspired to reinvent their classic design with the beauty of nature on their doorstep. The most obvious Yakushima reference is the rich green shade that transforms the dial and reflects the natural colour of the ancient cedar trees.




As we’ve mentioned, the breathtakingly beautiful island is loved by the diving community due to its clear waters. The Seiko Prospex The 1968 Automatic Divers Limited Edition will be at home amongst the exotic marine life and spectacular coral reefs. Therefore, the watch is designed with precision and safety in mind for professional and amateur diving. The uni-directional bezel complete with 120 ratchets is accurate, easy to use and offers greater safety.


To mirror the pristine condition of the memserising cedar forest, the highly durable Zirconia ceramic bezel will last a lifetime free from rust and scratches. The beautiful green dial will be admired year after year as will the stainless steel bracelet that is extremely resistant to seawater and sweat. The bracelet’s accordion-style structure responds to the underwater pressure changes and can easily expand and contract when required.

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