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Seiko Prospex Black Series Watch Review


Inspired by the mysterious marine world at night, the new Seiko Prospex Sea Black Series captures those who explore deep underwater after sunset. Night divers see marine life in a completely different way relying solely on their light’s beam for navigation and to witness species come alive in their natural habitat; an alluring, magical world with vibrant colours enhanced by their dark surroundings. The trio captures this spirit of descending underwater at night each featuring functions that meet Seiko’s high standards for diving watches.


A hard black coating is applied to the watch case to represent the darkness of the deep sea. The tangerine orange minute hand reflects the light used by a night diver to uncover marine life and find their way in the blackness. This arrow hands accuracy is visible at night due to Seiko’s LumiBrite technology as are the large hour markers. The indices are purposely oversized to allow for the maximum surface area and depth for the LumiBrite coating. Together the black case, orange indices and LumiBrite coating create the perfect contrast for optimum visibility underwater and a stylish aesthetic.


The limited editions are designed to dive to depths of 200m with a secure crown that cannot be accidentally pulled out and a uni-directional bezel that cannot be rotated by mistake. The Sea Black Series features three designs in total that compliment each other seamlessly yet have a few different features allowing for each to stand out individually. Firstly, the only chronograph in the series is solar powered converting light into energy. Whereas the duo feature slight variations with a different case and calendar lens shape.




The Seiko Prospex Sea Black Series is fascinated by the underwater world that comes to life at night. The trio allows for maximum legibility deep in the ocean allowing for explorers to discover the magical, beautiful world with a reliable companion fastened to their wrist.

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