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Perrelet Watches Review

Perrelet Watches

The creative, distinctive style of Perrelet has arrived at Jura Watches bringing a contemporary interpretation of traditional watchmaking. It is a pleasure to welcome a brand with such a rich, noble heritage into the fold; a long-standing company, which has survived through forward thinking and innovative ideas without loosing their roots along the way. Hailing from 1777, Perrelet has a wealth of history and experience to share, never failing to maintain their avant-garde spirit and timepiece mastery!


Let’s delve deeper and find out more about a unique, contemporary brand that has endured a legacy that spans over 200 years! 


The stunning Perrelet collection all contain automatic movements as a nod to the legendary founder’s invention at the beginning of the brands journey. Abraham-Louis Perrelet revolutionised watchmaking by inventing an instrument that could function indefinitely - the self-winding or automatic movement - a device that remains essential to timekeeping today. Each individual caliber is manufactured in-house including the skilled craftsmanship, intricate decoration, minute adjustments and complex assembly. A proud process that guarantees extreme precision, technical refinement and their strong reputation. No matter the intricacy of the caliber, Perrelet is dedicated to creating movements that exceed expectation through high quality and originality. 


Perrelet Watches


Abraham-Louis Perrelet’s passion for watchmaking during his adolescence led him to focusing on the construction of precision instruments. His devotion to watchmaking since an early age allowed for him to obtain impeccable skills and creative visions that made him ‘one of the greatest watchmaking references of all time!’ Throughout his career, Abraham continues to progress and develop his skills and techniques further becoming the first person to invent watches with a cylinder, duplex, calendar and equation escapements. Louis-Frederic Perrelet - who was trained by his grandfather, Abraham-Louis Perrelet -  became an extraordinary watchmaker in his own right! 


The Perrelet brand of today brings the spirit, attitude and energy of their predecessors by constantly evolving and creating new inventions that excite, inspire and impress watch enthusiasts worldwide! Their presence in the industry is powerful, influential, modern and sporty with their selection of incredible masterpieces that constantly evolve. Continuing to ignite their avant guard spirit combined with a commitment to precision, rigorous technical discipline and an individual attitude ensures that the Perrelet identity is strongin the watchmaking world! 

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