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Oris Dexter Gordon Watch Review


Legendary jazz musician, Dexter Gordon is the sole inspiration for the new Oris release. The iconic saxophonist is recognised as one of the 20th century’s greatest jazz musicians sparking a return to the music world for the watch brand. His talent led to an outstanding, memorable career, which is celebrated and admired by the Oris Watch Culture Dexter Gordon Limited Edition. 


The timeless, classic instrument discreetly nods to the iconic figure. His name circles the dial with each letter guarding the hour markers; a subtle yet clever use of the 12 characters that make up his name. At 12 o’clock (letter D), the index is shaped like a saxophone reed to mark another reference to Dexter. The silky, brown dial welcomes a brass-coloured seconds hand with an extended counterbalance that refers to his nickname ‘Long Tall Dex;’ a name that is synonymous of his 6 foot 6 inches, which is engraved on the watch case back. 



Since picking up the tenor saxophone at the age of 17, Dexter Gordon became a master of the instrument. Highlights of his successful career include his translation of mid-20th century modern jazz to the tenor saxophone; the first musician to do so. He countlessly recorded and performed as the lead or sideman to Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Herbie Hancock. Later in life, he turned to acting in which he was nominated for an Academy Award for the film Round Midnight. 




The Oris Dexter Gordon Limited Edition marks the seventeenth jazz watch by the brand. Following the same classic, stylish route of its predecessors, the timepiece absorbs a calm, harmonious aesthetic. The stunning design echoes Dexter’s warm, sociable character that he was recognised for. 

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