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Official Retailer for Backes and Strauss

Two crafts that demand a huge amount of skill, care and meticulous attention to detail is diamond cutting and watchmaking. Luxury British watchmaker Backes and Strauss combine both of these professions into one with their stunning collections of diamond watches. Revolutionising the definition of luxury, Backes and Strauss watches showcase unparallel levels of craftsmanship seen in each and every design from their Berkley collection to their remarkable Piccadilly range to their highly collectible collections of Backes and Strauss limited editions.


Jura Watches is excited to announce we are now official retailers for Backes and Strauss watches and one of just a handful in the UK. These rare, legacy watches are only distributed through exclusive boutiques and authorised retailers like ourselves to guarantee the authenticity of your watch and to ensure customers have only the best experience while purchasing and during your lifetime of wearing a Backes and Strauss watch.


Backes and Strauss were first established in 1789 in Hanau, Germany becoming the world’s oldest diamond company with a wealth of heritage, technique and know-how. For over 200 hundred years, the brand focused entirely on diamond and gemstone distribution, sourcing the finest rough diamonds, polishing and delivering them to international clientele. Then in 2006, Backes and Strauss decided to enter the luxury diamond watch market and combine the mastery of diamond cutting with the art of watchmaking. They carefully searched for a partner watchmaker before deciding on the Franck Muller Group.


With a heritage rooted in Switzerland and a gift for combining tradition with modernity, the Franck Muller Group was the perfect partner for Backes and Strauss who shared the same attributes and passions for watchmaking tradition. It is this exquisite meeting of masters; one masters of horology and the other masters of gemstone, that makes Backes and Strauss watches so remarkable. Each design, whether it be one of their desirable limited editions or one of their bespoke diamond watches, excels in its pursuit for excellence.


As official stockists of Backes and Strauss watches, you can find all their latest collections on the Jura Watches website. Discover some of their most legendary families including Backes and Strauss Berkley, Piccadilly and Regent watches and the breathtaking Backes and Strauss Royal collection. Get in touch with our talented team of luxury watch specialists today for more information on our collections of Backes and Strauss watches and the interest free finance and free next day delivery available.  

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