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Official Retailer for Accutron Watches

Welcomed back with open arms, Accutron have returned with a new range of Accutron electrostatic watches which are home to one of the industry’s most innovative pieces of technology. The Accutron next-generation electrostatic energy movement embodies every philosophy of the luxury watch brand, from their desire for precise engineering, their passions for modernist and mesmerising aesthetics to their never-ending longing to achieve a new level of technical excellence.


We are incredibly excited to announce that Jura Watches is now an official retailer for Accutron watches, offering all their latest luxury releases including the Accutron DNA, Spaceview and Legacy collections. Each new design has been completely revitalised with a new sense of purpose, withholding the familiar Accutron DNA of the 1960’s but with a freshly engineered electrostatic movement and finely-engineered open worked dials. Before we look at some of the Accutron watch releases in more detail, let’s first take a trip down memory lane…



History of Accutron Watches


Developed under the Bulova name, the first Accutron watch was developed in 1960 and became instantly synonymous for its skeleton dial and unique turning fork movement. The rare tuning fork concept was regarded as one of the most commercially and technically successful electronic movements in the industry, providing a high rate of precision, a smooth sweeping seconds hand and an open work aesthetic viewable through the dial. The man behind the manufacture was Mark Hetzel. He created the technology by replacing the balance wheel as a regulator with a tuning fork powered by electromagnets attached to a battery-powered circuit. Its construction was remarkable.


The first Accutron watch was nicknamed the “Spaceview” and it became a must-have design for lovers of unique watches. One of the first Accutron Spaceview watches even made headlines as it was worn on the wrists by American astronauts during a mission to the moon. The design behind the first Accutron also has an interesting backstory. Its openwork dial was not intended to be a permanent fixture but was just designed so that dealers could understand the complexity of the movement within. Regardless, the showcase of the technology through the dial became a huge hit and the openwork dial became a lasting feature.



Accutron watches found incredible success for over 10 years until sadly, as a result of the quartz crisis, Accutron struggled to compete and were forced into submission and ceased production in the 1970’s. Thankfully, and to everyone’s delight, last year in 2019 the brand announced it would be reviving its name with a new line of Accutron watches powered by the propriety Accutron electrostatic watch movement with a remarkable accuracy of only 5 seconds per month. To find out how the Accutron electrostatic watch movement works, check out our feature here, but for now, let’s take a look at some of their latest collections.


Accutron Spaceview DNA Watches


Futuristic in all that it offers, the Accutron Spaceview DNA watch is currently available in four different designs, each characteristic of the original Accutron Spaceview watches with their openwork dials. The 45.1mm tonneau-shaped cases and hooded lugs are available in stainless steel with silver and grey finishes (ref: 2ES8A001), stainless steel with black muted grey finishes (ref: 2ES8A003), stainless steel and rose gold with grey finishes (ref: 2ES8A002) and lastly, stainless steel with grey and dark blue finishes (ref: 2ES8A004).



Each of the Accutron Spaceview DNA watches are executed with closed case backs assisting in a 50 metre water resistance and adorned with a turbine design and Accutron logo. The openworked dials are finished in polished silver, matte black or rose gold and deliver exceptional legibility despite the complexity of their faces. All Accutron Spaceview DNA watches are finished on a supple black rubber strap and include the innovative power saving function of the Accutron electrostatic watch movement – a feature which stops the hands to save power when no kinetic movement is noted.


Accutron Spaceview 2020 Watches


Just like its DNA sibling, the Accutron Spaceview 2020 watch immediately demands attention for its exquisitely crafted openwork dial. While the Spaceview DNA offers a more futuristic aesthetic, the Spaceview 2020 is arguably more classic with standard straight lugs and classic stainless steel or yellow gold cases reminiscent of the original Accutron Spaceview watches from the 1960’s. The familiar green and copper accents found on the original can also be found on the new releases, with green metal fixtures at its centre and a copper drive coil at 1 o’clock.



The best-selling Accutron Spaceview 2020 watch has been reference 2ES6A001 for its traditional interpretation of the contemporary concept. The 42.5mm stainless steel case promises a water resistance of 50 metres and is completed by a black calfskin leather strap and a stainless steel double press deployment closer. The openwork dial once again provides fantastic readability with handsome smoke grey finishing and a unique transparent outer ring which offers yet another view of the electrostatic movement within.


You can shop all the Accutron watch collections today on the Jura Watches website here available with interest free finance and free next day delivery. Get in touch with the team for any assistance on 01335 453453 or send us a message at

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