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Montblanc Pens: A History & Buying Guide

Whether you’re in need of a new piece of stationary, searching for a luxury gift idea or just simply browsing to treat yourself, Montblanc pens are the ultimate writing accessory we all deserve. When you think of leading creators of luxury goods, the Montblanc brand is one that always springs to mind and with over a century of experience handcrafting their stunning collections of writing instruments, we can think of no retailer more synonymous with stationary culture.


Since they were first founded in 1910, Montblanc have focused almost entirely on manufacturing luxury fountain pens and writing instruments. The first pen under their trademark featured a white top on the pen cap, an accent that would eventually become the world famous white star logo that is found on all Montblanc pens and products today. The Montblanc star continues to represent the covered peak of the Montblanc mountain while also symbolising the brand’s commitment to quality, elegance and their remarkable manufacturing abilities.


Anyone remotely familiar with Montblanc will recognise their iconic Meisterstück collection, a name that has been used to describe some of their most legendary pens, watches and cufflinks. Nevertheless, it was in 1924 that the first Montblanc Meisterstück pen was unveiled, and it remains one of the brand’s most celebrated writing instruments of all time, with the collection remaining a symbol of perfect writing culture and timeless design. It is one of their best-selling pen collections and a favourite for us at Jura Watches. Montblanc Meisterstück pens are available in a variety of designs including fountain, rollerball and ballpoint, often decorated in stunning lacquer or engraved with a three-dimensional geometric pattern.


For a long time, the Montblanc Meisterstück remained the brand’s pivotal collection of pens until the year 2000 when they unveiled a new collection of Montblanc Bohéme pens designed to inspire passionate enjoyment and the best times in life. A couple of years later, the Montblanc StarWalker fountain pen was released to draw the interest of younger enthusiasts looking for a purist, aesthetic design. Youthful audiences will love the Montblanc StarWalker collection, which is inspired by the stars and reminds us we are part of one of the most enigmatic and powerful of humankind’s adventures: space exploration. The StarWalker emblem which includes a blue translucent dome beneath the legendary white star Montblanc logo represents these feelings of adventure.


More recently, Montblanc took a step into the digital age and brought us their remarkable Montblanc Augmented Paper. At first glance, this innovative technology looks like a sophisticated leather envelope which reveals a StarWalker ballpoint and a paper notebook inside. But what makes this technology so unique is carefully hidden beneath the paper, where the electronic digitiser records all strokes of the pen. Whether it be the start of your novel, a sketch of your dream home or some funny doodles your friends will get a laugh out of, once you have finished writing, you can transfer your notes effortlessly to the bespoke app and store them in digital form.


No matter what style of writing instrument you are searching for, whether it be a classic Montblanc fountain pen for yourself, a contemporary Starwalker ballpoint pen as a gift for your child as they leave for university or the futuristic Montblanc Augmented Paper for the modern-day business man or women, at Jura Watches we guarantee to have everything you need to keep your stationary collection looking sharp, elegant and stylish.


As authorised stockists for Montblanc, we have all the latest collection of fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerball pens available with interest free finance and free next day delivery. If you require any assistance while browsing our website, get in touch with the team on 01335 453453 or at

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