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Meet the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged ‘Geppaku’ Moonlight and ‘Kuritobi’ Russet

The new Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Power Reserve watches ref. SPB305J1 and SPB307J1 come accompanied by a pointer-style date sub-dial and a days-of-the-week counter – all dressed against a respective “Geppaku” white-blue dial colour, or a “Kuritobi” Russet rich brown dial


The Seiko Presage series has always been a place to go to find a classic watch with an intriguing dial. The Japanese watch manufacturer has used this collection to play about with dial finishes, colours and materials. Two years ago, it expanded the line with the Sharp Edged models – a family of modern wristwatches that were “sharper” and crisper in looks, whilst still retaining the same high level of functionality and robustness as the rest of the Seiko Presage watch collection. This year, the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged family expands once again with a limited edition GMT model, two power reserve complications under the ref. SPB305 & SPB307 and two Sharp Edged Open Heart watches. Today, we’ll look at the new Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Power Reserve watches; ref. SPB305J1 named the ‘Geppaku’ Moonlight and ref. SPB307J1 named the ‘Kuritobi’ Russet.



As with the other remaining three timepieces from the new Sharp Edged releases, the dial surface of both of these new power reserve models is adorned with the hexagonal hem-leaf texture, inspired by the Asanoha plant. This geometric surface, contrasting in shadows and angles of brilliance, is Japanese-inspired and follows the pattern used in Japanese fabrics since the Heian period, spanning thousands of years. The fast-growing plant develops into a tall, straight tree in just a matter of months and can be grown all year through. Its hexagonal-like hemp leaves are still associated with growth and good health today.


The two hemp leaf-inspired dials come in two distinct shades. The ref. SPB305J1 is nicknamed the “Geppaku” – a word that describes a shade of white with a hint of pale blue. This pale, milky blue colour is inspired by the moon, hence its name “Geppaku” Moonlight. Its shimmering dial interacts beautifully with the light, creating almost iridescent pockets of brilliance as it moves on the wrist. The other reference - the SPB307J1 - is named ‘Kuritobi’ Russet (‘Kuritobi’ meaning rich brown) and presents the time in rich russet brown tones, also inspired by ancient and modern Japanese design.


What is interesting to note about these two new additions to the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged series, is that both have undergone a new case design. Both lug sides feature a mirror-polished effect on their surfaces, creating an overall more indulgent and luxurious feel. In addition to this, the dials themselves are designed differently. They now comprise a two-layer construction that creates an added sense of depth and dimension. Both models feature baton hour markers that keep this Seiko Presage watch looking modest and sophisticated. Clearly visible central hour and minute hands are apt for referencing time quickly whilst on the go, plus they illuminate in a rich glow during the night, thanks to a coating of luminous material down their centre. The second hand is needle-thin, gracefully travelling over a power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock, a days of the week sub-counter at 3 o’clock and a pointer-style date sub-counter at 6 o’clock.



The new Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Power Reserve ‘Geppaku’ Moonlight and ‘Kuritobi’ Russet watches are both powered by a reliable movement – the Calibre 6R21. This automatic movement produces a power reserve of 45 hours once fully wound and comprises 29 jewels. It also performs at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has been made up of 208 individually assembled parts.


Whether drawn to the clean white-blue shades of the “Geppaku” Moonlight iteration, or the rich russet brown tones of the “Kuritobi” Russet model - these Seiko Presage watches provide all the refinement and finesse of a classic gent’s watch but with a little added technical sophistication. Both models are easy to read, comfortable to wear and come fitted on a brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet that secures comfortably to the wrist with a folding clasp.



If you’d like more information on either of the two models you can check out the spec details on the ref. SPB305J1 here or the SPB307J1 here. Alternatively, you can call our Jura Watches sales team today to secure yourself a timepiece on 01335 453453


Technical specifications of the new Seiko Presage Sharp Edged ‘Geppaku’ Moonlight and ‘Kuritobi’ Russet watches

  • Case: 40.16mm – stainless steel – thickness; 12.22mm – mirror-polished lug sides – 100-meter water resistance - super-hard coating – scratch resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass front
  • Dial:’ Geppaku’ Moonlight’ – white with pale blue shades / ‘Kuritobi’ Russet – deep rich russet brown shades – hemp leaf surface pattern inspired by the Asanoha plant – two-layer dial design
  • Movement: Calibre 6R21 – automatic – 29 jewels, 28,800vph – 45-hour power reserve – hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve, pointer date and days of the week functions
  • Strap: Stainless steel - bracelet – folding clasp stamped with the Seiko logo
  • Reference: ‘Geppaku’ Moonlight ref. SPB305J1 /  ‘Kuritobi’ Russet ref. SPB307J1
  • Price;
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