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Introducing the Bulova Precisionist 98B316

The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph watch ref. 98b316 promises unwavering accuracy with 1/100th and 1/1000th second timings dressed in as sporty carbon fibre black and blue dial aesthetic


There is minimal deviation from the exact time with a high-tech quartz movement powering the Bulova Precisionist. 10 seconds per year to be exact. The Bulova Precisionist collection is renowned for its broad case sizes, with some models measuring up to 48.3mm and others promising a 300 water resistant capability. The watch was first released back in 2019 at Baselworld, setting standards across the quartz watch industry with an improved accuracy that promised a deviation of just 10-15 seconds per year as opposed to standard quartz movements with a deviation of 10-15 seconds per month.


One of the key differences between the quartz movement powering a Precisionist watch and a standard one is its smoothly flowing hand. Standard quartz watches have second hand that jump from one second to the next. In reality, the second hand of a Precisionist watch is moving 16 times per second. It can be observed under a very close and steady eye. The Bulova Precisionist has a chronograph complication that can measure down to the millisecond, we well as measuring up to 12-hour intervals. The watches from this collection also display four sub-dials as opposed to the more traditional tri-compax dial layout. These display thousandth, hundredths, and tenths of a second.



The Precisionist watch collection by Bulova is home to an array of different models. Generally speaking the Precisionist is a great option for those looking for a precise chronograph that doesn’t rely on GPS or radio technology. Its 300-meter water resistance makes it a great secondary watch for taking a dip in the water whilst on vacation or for recording personal bests with at the gym. Broad dimensions require a hefty wrist to take on some of the larger Bulova watches from the Precisionist collection. There are, however, smaller 42mm models to pick out from the range.


What makes a Bulova Precisionist watch so accurate?


The Bulova Precisionist was launched 50 years after the development of the Accutron – another quantum leap in the world of timekeeping. It had a frequency of 360 Hz, which deviated from the time by only one second per month. It was the most accurate wristwatch to own in 1960, thanks to its tuning fork. Bulova then spent time developing a quartz watch with a frequency of 32,768 Hz. It was created by a quartz crystal in the shape of a tuning fork. Bulova improved upon this technology to create the Precisionist in 2010 with a trident-shaped quartz piece to regulate its performance, offering a frequency of 262,144 Hz. This special quartz technology is no longer used solely in the Precisionist line. It is now offered in other models like the Accutron II.


Special features of the Bulova precisionist 98B316


First, given that the quartz movement fitted to the heart of the Citizen Precisionist Chronograph 98B316 is 8 times more accurate than a standard quartz watch – precision and accuracy are key selling points this new dynamic and sporty-looking wristwatch. When you consider that many high-end watches cost far in excess of the price tag of this Precisionist, it becomes even easier to respect the faithful and loyal following Bulova has acquired. In the design of the Precisionist Chronograph the term “more for your money” really couldn’t be anymore “accurate”.



Secondly, the chronograph mode built into the design of the Precisionist watch does not disrupt or disengage from true timekeeping. When you operate the chronograph function of the Bulova precisionist ref 98B316 watch, it keeps internal timing, so when you exit the chronograph mode, the sweeping second hand rotates rapidly to catch up with itself, stopping at the correct time dictated by the internal timing mechanism. It then resumes its naturally sweeping motion, resuming its calm motion across the surface of the dial.


Thirdly, the aesthetics of this Bulova Precisionist watch exude a stunning two-toned colour scheme. The blue and gunmetal shades of this chronograph watch intensify a sporty persona on the wrist, reinforced all the more by a stainless steel bracelet which, at the same time, doubles up as a sport accessory when wanting to pair the watch with something a little more elegant by night. The watch is crafted from stainless steel and measures a diameter of 46.5mm and stands at an equally imposing height of 17.5mm.


The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph ref. 98B316


The Bulova watch ref. 98B316 is a masculine, sporty and dynamic-looking chronograph with a chiselled physique and a large dominating width. There are polished and brushed finishes applied to the links of the stainless steel bracelet that secures the watch to the wrist with a folding clasp. The metal band also features a diver’s extension feature.  The edge of the mineral glass top is knurled. Divots on the steel screw-down crown located at 3 o’clock on the case of this Bulova Precisionist watch provide an enhanced grip under the fingertips, and the surface of the crown tip is adorned with the famous Bulova logo. To prevent this crown from becoming unscrewed, it is separated by two metal attachments.



As with the traditional layout of any luxury chronograph watch, this Bulova chronograph features a push-button at 2 o’clock to start and stop a chronograph timing. Below it sits the 4 o’clock push-piece, which resets the chronograph timing. To put the watch into chronograph mode the wearer simply activates the button positioned on the bottom left hand side of the case. The bottom right button deactivates the chronograph mode. Four hexagonal screws are also positioned on top of the case of this steel-on-steel Bulova Precisionist watch.


The white sweeping second hand of this Bulova watch is quite a spectacle. It sits against a black carbon fibre effect central section surrounded by a silver perlage ring and a blue outer tachymeter scale on the flange. The display also features a date window at 4:30, a lume-tipped partially skeletonised hour and minute hand, and four round chronograph counters. At the 12 o’clock location you get the 1/20th of a second and 1/100th of a second hand, whilst the 6 o’clock counter offers 1/1000th of a second. The 3 o’clock sub-counter is where you can find the 12-hour totaliser, and the 9 o’clock location offers the chronograph minutes.


To learn more about the Bulova Precisionist 98B316 watch, you can check out the spec here, or call and speak to a member of our Jura Watches sales team on 01335 453453

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