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Giving Your Watch the Time it Deserves

There are a few purchases in life which give moments of pure pride and satisfaction. As anyone who has made the significant purchase of a watch can testify, the experience of unboxing a brand new timepiece and that first moment you put it on your wrist is something quite special.


As you begin to wear your watch, no matter how much care and caution you take, your treasured piece of mechanical engineering is fated to be exposed to life’s daily tasks and knocks. Whether you are an enthusiast of keeping your watch party of a collection and worn only occasionally, or you prefer to make a considered purchase for more frequent use, any watch will at some point in life need to have some care and attention.


In a world of easily accessible parts and accessories, the temptation can often be to find what is required online and with all the best intentions to attempt a repair yourself. We have seen many consequences of this method through our workshop and we can’t advise against it enough.


For many different reasons, the inside of watches are complex and amazingly up to 500 parts can sit just about your wrist in the most intricate mechanical movements. It goes without saying that any work should be approached with extreme caution and it requires specialist equipment and an experienced watch repairer to just open and close a watch case back, let alone provide a full service.


Whether your watch is a daily part of your wardrobe or kept for special occasions, just like a car, a mechanical watch requires regularly servicing. As a general guide, we would advise you to get your watch serviced every 3-5 years, but this also depends on how often the watch is worn and the care taken when it is on the wrist. For instance, a dive watch should really be tested at least every 2 years if it’s being used for its purpose.


Quartz Watches

Through the nature of their design, most quartz watches are easier to look after than their mechanical counterparts. Although many basic watch movements can easily be repaired and parts such as the glass can be replaced, the most common issue for quartz watches is that of a simple battery replacement. Although it’s a relatively straight forward process, if you value your watch, we cannot stress enough this should only be done by a professional repair service.

Mechanical Watches

As stated earlier, the workings of a mechanical watch can be mesmerising with up to 300-500 parts in a complication movement, and all of which need lubrication to maintain optimal working order. The main cause of problems in mechanical movements is caused by a lack of lubrication which is why regularly servicing is essential and not just a sales initiative. Other elements such as gaskets and seals within the movement can also deteriorate over time and this is something only a qualified service engineer should repair.


Whatever style or brand of watch you may own, should you value your timepiece we highly recommend using a professional certified repair centre like Jura Watches. We are dedicated to offering full peace of mind in our aftersales servicing. Obviously not all repairs require the same level of complexity, a simple clean or battery replacement can usually be carried out in any of our boutiques. But should we expect something more complicated, we will ensure your watch is professionally evaluated for which you will be informed at all stages.


Common watch repairs services we can undertake include:

  • Watch strap replacement/adjustment
  • Battery replacement & reseal
  • Case and bracelet refurbishment
  • Watch glass replacement
  • Dial restoration
  • Cleaning
  • Pressure testing & seal replacement
  • Crown & stem replacement
  • Full service
  • Correction of magnetised watches


Speak with our team of watch specialists today on or at 01335 453453 and they will happily advise and organise your professional watch servicing for you. 

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