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Garmin Watches to Gift This Christmas

Why not surprise that special person with a Garmin watch this Christmas? Packed with technology and appealing to anyone with an interest in health and fitness – Garmin’s range of compact, functional and reliable fitness tools for the wrist are sure to make any proclaimed gadget geek smile this Christmas. With an array of fitness-tracking features and stats available at your fingertips, our range of Garmin watches at Jura Watches are sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration when searching for the perfect Christmas gift this year, but to help you out a little, we’ve included some of our favourites in this gift guide to the best Garmin watches for Christmas 2021.


Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar Carbon Grey DLC



Need a lightweight watch that will stay charged for any adventure? The solar-powered Garmin Fenix® 6X - Pro Solar Edition is crafted from carbon grey DLC-coated titanium and promises several innovative features like a battery saver watch mode that lasts up to 80 days, a battery GPS mode that lasts up to 120 hours, a time and date screen for everyday use, an alarm clock, timer, GPS, stopwatch and sunrise/sunset times. It enables you to track which settings use up the most energy, enabling you to take control over how long your battery lasts.


For health-related and fitness features, you can delve into a whole host of features that include; a body battery energy monitor, pulse and oxygen saturation monitor, relaxation reminders, breathing timers, daily resting heart rate monitor, a wristband heart rate feature, and a respiration rate and fitness age feature. Integrated sensors include a gyroscope, thermometer, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, barometer altimeter, and thermometer among others. The 51mm Garmin Fenix 6X smartwatch includes preloaded activity profiles, TopoActive Europe and ski maps, Multi-GNSS support and smart notifications that guide you through your daily workouts depending on your personal ability. Having been the first of its kind to include the PacePro feature, which allows users to enter custom start and finish points and target competition times - this is the ultimate Christmas gift this year for those who like to stay at the forefront of innovative smartwatch technology. 


Garmin MARQ Adventurer Smartwatch

Intended for serious tool watch lovers, the MARQ® Adventurer Performance Edition is a tough-guy watch that tracks performance metrics during workouts, hikes, runs, flights, and parachute jumps, amongst many other activities. Bundled with the new HRM Pro chest strap, it allows the user to track biometrics during workouts. It features a compass bezel along with temp sensor. Coloured maps, turn-by-turn navigation, hydration tracker, sleep and a breathwork monitor are coupled with running dynamics, a heat and altitude-adjusted VO2 max monitor, a race time predictor, and a heart rate tracker. Housed in a lightweight titanium case construction, the Garmin MARQ® Adventurer Performance Edition watch is fitted on a silicone rubber strap for maximum comfort.


Lasting 12 days on a normal charge, you can measure your fitness in hot and high-altitude environments, ask the Trendline™ feature for popularity routing when travelling somewhere new, or keep up-to-date with your social plans using the smartphone functions for everyday messaging, emailing and calling.


Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Orange Band 



With a new scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens, a larger display, a new QuickFit nylon band, and a new PacePro feature – the new Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Watch keeps a runner’s pacing strategy on track with grade-adjusted guidance as they run a route. Mapping – one of the most desirable features of any smartwatch – is now more advanced than ever with topographic maps for all kinds of outdoor adventures, including maps for over 2,000 ski resorts worldwide, and 41,000 golf courses. Giving you more control over your Garmin smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Watch enables power usage to be customized to suit your needs. Using the Power Manager, you will be able to see and control how the watch’s different settings and sensors impact battery life. Expanding the outdoor technology segment, this outdoor tool is essential for hiking, hunting, trail running, mountain biking, golfing, diving or using satellite communication and much more this Christmas.


Garmin Lily Cream Gold Black Case and Italian Leather Band



Featuring a light gold bezel with an elegant white case crafted from fibre-reinforced polymer – this lady’s Garmin smartwatch makes a modern statement this Christmas. With just a quick flick of the wrist, a stylish patterned lens reveals a bright touchscreen display, opening up a whole host of features inside a compact 34mm diameter. The watch is fitted on an Italian leather band and features a menstrual cycle tracker, a new pregnancy tracker, general health and fitness apps, preloaded sports apps, a wrist-based heart rate monitor, a Pulse Ox sensor and smart notifications to keep you up-to-date with friends and social events. There’s also innovative-coloured leather and silicone strap options to alternate between. Whether it's yoga, walking, cardio, mindful breathing or something else your loved one is into - the Garmin Lily watch melds femininity with modernity in this useful, compact tool watch for women.


Garmin Tactix Delta Sapphire Edition



The Garmin Tactix Delta builds from the previous model while integrating all the much-loved features from the latest Garmin Fenix 6 and the Forerunner 945 that lived before it. Its military-like features include a stealth mode that disables storing and sharing of your location and a kill switch that erases all user memory. Jumpmaster mode, waypoint projection, dual-position GPS are all included in its design. Its unique dual-position mode also simultaneously displays two sets of coordinate systems on a single data screen. The Garmin Tactix Delta watch also features tactical activity profiles, waypoint projection, and Jumpmaster mode that helps calculate a high-altitude release point, as well as guidance to the objective once the user has jumped. Its 1.4 inch display size with 280 x 280 pixels across its face is incorporated into a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated steel case with a domed sapphire crystal glass front.


Garmin Venu 2 Slate



With a silver stainless steel bezel and granite blue case, fitted on a silicone band – the Garmin Venue ® 2 watch measures a large 45mm diameter and offers Pulse Ox accuracy, increased storage space, an added Sleep Score feature, along with new widgets and a new Health Snapshot feature. It has a slick-looking OLED touchscreen that compares well with the smartwatch competition and offers access to training plans with Garmin Coach, along with stress tracking, hydration tracking and women’s health tracking features. It also features pre-loaded high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, built-in sports apps and 25 GPS and indoor exercises, as well as the ability to store up to 2,000 songs on the device. Wireless, headless headphones for phone-free listening is possible, along with downloading or streaming from platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music.


If you’d like more information on any of the Garmin watches we’ve featured in this Christmas 2021 gift guide here at Jura watches, you can head on over to the entire collection here, or call our sales team on 01335 453453

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