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Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition Smartwatch Revealed

Created in collaboration with one of the world’s greatest sailing teams, Garmin have just announced the release of the new Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition smartwatch. It’s dual nautical design, revolutionary regatta timer with GPS technology and extraordinary sail grinding workouts designed by the team make it the ultimate modern tool watch for those ready to show off their passion for the sport. 


First formed in October 2017, the American Magic sailing team brings together two highly successful racing programs with one of the foremost yacht clubs in the world, unified by a campaign to win back the America’s Cup, reconnect the American sailing base with the premier event in the sport and win back competitive sailing in the United States once again. It is the team’s dedication and passion for the sport that has inspired the new Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition watch, including its nautical inspired design, athletic performance, and tactical execution.


“We are honoured to be a part of the legacy of American Magic and its challenge for the America’s Cup, the pinnacle of sailing and the oldest trophy in international sports. We are confident our watches will give the team the tools they need as they compete for the trophy, and we’re excited to be a part of their success on the water.” - Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.


As with every other Garmin MARQ smartwatch we have seen, luxury design remains at the forefront and the Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic smartwatch has been engineered especially for sophisticated sportsmen who need a wearable that can go easily from the water to land. It features a 46mm ceramic bezel with the American Magic team name etched on the surface, an ultra-light titanium case and a performance-ready silicon strap also engraved with the team’s name.


The always-on display is protected by high-quality sapphire crystal glass renowned for its scratch resistance and easy legibility. The Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition watch also features two exclusively designed watch faces focused on the adrenaline-filled sport. The analog watch face showcases a T-minus countdown to race day in Auckland while the digital watch face features a silhouette of Defiant, the team’s new foiling monohull sailboat.


Regarded as the ultimate sailing smartwatch, it is no surprise that the Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition amazes with some remarkable nautical technologies. First up is the unique GPS Regatta Timer which allows you to pinpoint starts to help you predict how you will finish. The countdown timer shows time to the gun while GPS time calculates your ideal position for the win. GPS sailing features also give you insight into how wind speed, direction, temperature, and tide information will also impact your regatta.



Making the Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition smartwatch unique to anything else Garmin has unveiled before, some of its new features have been carefully designed by team members and trainers of the American Magic sailing team themselves. The Sail Grinding Activity feature helps sailors increase their athletic performance both onshore and offshore while the Team Workouts provide you with three workouts exclusively designed by the American Magic trainer to help you reach the same optimal performance as the team’s sailors themselves.


Our athletes meet the physical demands of racing by working even harder in the gym. Through tracking metrics such heart rate and training load on the water and in the gym, we are able to adjust training volume in order to optimise performance. Garmin wearables and technology allows me to track each athlete’s workload on and off the water, giving me the information to modify their program accordingly.” - Baden Cashmore, American Magic’s Injury Prevention Specialist and Trainer


For further assistance on the water, the Garmin MARQ American Magic smartwatch features Tack Assist features so you stay on top of wind direction, Man Overboard so in an emergency you can mark a man overboard with a single press and help execute a swift recovery, Auto Pilot for access to GHC™ 20 autopilot control unit to change heading, turn and steer the boat and finally much-needed Boat Data is available directly on your wrist so wherever you are on the vessel you can easily add waypoints to your chart plotter remotely.


With up to 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, the Garmin MARQ American Magic watch has one of the better battery levels we have seen in a sailing smartwatch. Even in GPS mode, the battery promises up to 28 hours of power, 48 hours in UltraTrac mode and 9 hours with GPS and music. During times when battery life becomes essential, the Power Manager function will come in use. This handy feature not only allows you to choose whether you want to display your battery power in percentage or time, but it will offer suggestions to save your battery such as turning off certain apps like music or maps.


As well as boasting a remarkable selection of boating smartwatch features, the Garmin MARQ American Magic comes with all the functionality you need for everyday fitness training including wrist based heart rate monitor, Pulse Ox sensor, respiration tracking, performance metrics, multi GNSS sensors, ABC sensors and round trip routing. The fitness tracker also features the brand’s incredible PacePro technology which allows competitors to enter custom start and finish points and target competition times. This means that the watch will tell you exactly how fast you should be aiming to run, cycle or swim to complete each mile and ultimately reach your goal while even considering hills and slopes.


When you need to keep in touch with the rest of the world, whether you’re exploring on land or out at sea, the Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic watch comes with smart notifications so you can receive emails, texts and alerts right on your watch when paired with a compatible Apple or Android smartphone. The Garmin Pay feature also allows you to pay contactless at checkouts with a simple swipe of the watch while music storage for up to 2,000 songs and music apps for Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify will keep you entertained all-day long.


The Garmin MARQ Captain American Magic Edition smartwatch is available to order at Jura Watches today at a retail price £1,599.99. Get in touch with our team of luxury smartwatch specialists for any help with your purchase and the interest free finance and free next day delivery options available.

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