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Garmin Fenix 6 Series Watch Review


Garmin release the eagerly awaited Fenix 6 Series today, a selection of six premium multisport GPS smartwatches like no other. The face of authenticity, resilience, fortitude, perseverance, endurance, versatility, adventure and adaptability as you prepare to take on your toughest challenge yet. There’s no other wrist companion like it, packed with impressive functions that help you climb new heights, swim new depths, run miles longer and explore the unknown at the touch of a button.


Would you like to find out more about the Fenix 6, 6S, 6X with PRO, PRO S and Pro Premium? Simply get in touch with our watch specialists on 01335 453 453 or email at 


To compliment your stylish outdoor gear the Fenix 6 Series is both rugged yet sophisticated with a larger display for improved legibility, which is crucial at the top of a mountain or deep beneath the waves. Never failing to bring exceptional skill to the wrist, Garmin guarantee high quality with each design tested to U.S. military standards. Make your Fenix 6 personal to you. Simply download custom watch faces, add data fields and find apps from the Connect IQ Store that are suited to your lifestyle.


For the runners amongst us, the Fenix 6 allows for you to keep a steady pace as you train for the big race. The PacePro feature allows for you to run smarter with grade-adjusted guidance. An extra special touch with the PacePro being the first of its kind.




Control how long your battery lasts with easy-to-use settings and sensors that can extend the duration that the smartwatch remains switched on. The new release can keep running for weeks on just one single charge. Managing the power reserve of your smartwatch is vital on every adventure making your newest companion completely trustworthy. If you’re heading to more challenging environments, the new Fenix 6 Series allows for you to access the global navigation satellite systems to keep you on course no matter where you are. Before you set off make sure you plan your trail to the last detail via the ABC sensors, which provide altimeter for elevation data, barometer to monitor the weather and a three-axis electronic compass. In the event that you feel unsafe, your newest adventure seeker can send your exact location to emergency contacts.




Reach your goals with the advanced training metrics that include running dynamics, heat and adjusted V02 max, recovery advisor, plus so much more. It is the ultimate training partner that allows for you to understand your current fitness level, monitoring improvements and evaluating progress as you begin your weekly/daily sessions. Through measuring your heart rate, the design can also monitor your stress levels. Also, if you’re worried you’re not getting enough shut eye, the Pulse Ox sensor can easily work out your sleep patterns.


Tailor your workout regime to your personal interests by taking advantage of the preloaded sports apps that will have you running, swimming or cycling in no time. If skiing is your thing, find difficulty ratings for 2000 ski resorts worldwide with the TopoActive Europe maps. This function can also help you navigate adventures from Alaska to Canada to Australia. You name the mountain you wish to tackle and the ClimbPro ascent planner will work out the gradient, distance and elevation gain for you. For golf enthusiasts the Fenix 6 Series features over more than 41,000 golf courses across the globe for you to have a swing at.




That’s not all; listen to your favourite tunes as you complete your expedition. After all, you will have up to 2000 songs to play via your wireless headphones making your adventure even more exciting. Don’t forget to pick up those energising snacks on the way, simply pay using Garmin Pay contactless payment solution. It really is that easy. Also, stay in touch with friends and family whilst on the move by receiving emails, texts and alerts on your wrist.


Is there anything that the Fenix 6 Series can’t do? Its impressive list of functions, stylish aesthetic and practical character is a must have for 2019.


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