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G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor Collection Review

The highly anticipated G-Shock G-SQUAD Heart Rate Monitor collection is finally here, packed with five sensor functions, a high-contrast LED display, GPS, solar assisted charging and of course, G-Shock’s first ever heart rate monitor. These are not your average fitness watches; they are advanced and ambitious wearables perfect for professional athletes and beginners alike who require only the best in comfort, performance and precision.


It’s been a long time coming, but G-Shock have finally revealed their first ever heart rate monitor watch. The  G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor Collection consists of four models in total, each with optimal sensors on the back with a flash LED light that detects the blood flow under your skin to measure your heart rate. Measuring up to 220bph, the heart rate monitor using LED to penetrate the skin and blood vessels underneath ensuring a precise reading every time. In addition to this, there are four additional sensors for acceleration, magnetic direction, pressure and temperature. These provide features like the step counter, compass, altimeter, barometer and temperature gauge.


In addition to the heart rate monitor, the G-Shock G-Squad HR Collection delivers accurate VO2 max measurements by using data from your heart rate and running speed to calculate the maximum consumable oxygen uptake per kilogram of bodyweight in one minute. This is a fantastic feature for any fitness fanatic, especially those trying to build endurance for running and other cardio-based sports. It can be used as a benchmark for cardiorespiratory ability and for monitoring your overall health. The higher your VO2max score, the better your health, quality of life and performance is expected to be.


Another fantastic feature is the solar-assisted charging. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an outdoor runner or you generally find yourself indoors most of the day, this feature allows you to power your watch in fluorescent lighting and in the sunshine. The G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor Collection can be powered on solar charging alone when exposed to fluorescent lighting for at least 8 hours a day and in the sun in just two hours.


Each design from the G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor Collection can also be paired with the G-Shock app for easy operation of additional watch features. You can access your training plan, create weekly workouts tailored to your goal, set heart rate zone targets, training times and running distance all from the menu display. Interval workouts can also be manually set via the G-Shock Move app where you can set up to 8x sets and 5x rounds for the ultimate HIIT workout. After exercise, all your training is clearly displayed and managed through the app so you can see improvements in your fitness in numbers. Other functions include in the smartphone app include automatic time adjustment, world time for over 300 cities, smart notification, phone finder and life log.


The four variations of G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor watch include case designs in black, red, white and black with red accents. Each model features a carefully improved design suited for better operability and fit during training including a resin and metal bezel for easy button pushing, a soft urethane band for improved ventilation and a fine resin case back with a curved surface so the large 55mm case can still sit flush with your wrist. The G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor collection also boasts a shock resistant structure and a remarkable 200 metre water resistance even with the built-in optical sensor – not something many smartwatch brands have mastered!


You can shop the entire G-Shock G-Squad Heart Rate Monitor collection on the Jura Watches website today available with interest free finance and free next day delivery. For any assistance with your purchase or to talk to one of our team, get in touch on 01335 453453 or send us a message at

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