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Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Review


Pioneers in their craft, Frederique Constant were the first traditional Swiss watch brand to design a smartwatch that remained true to classic timekeeping. 2015 saw the release of the Horological Smartwatch boasting an analog dial that connected to mobile technology. 2016 witnesses the progression from the innovators who unveil the second generation of Horological Smartwatches. 


In total, the collection will consist of five ladies designs and five men’s versions of the forward thinking, sophisticated edition. Hosting the movements that have been expertly developed with Geneva-based Manufacture Modules Technologies Sarl; a partnership that continues from last years venture. The developments allows for notifications of SMS, instant messages and phone calls via vibrations. 




Launched by Gwyneth Paltrow, the ladies version successfully merges tradition and modernity effortlessly. The exquisite designs are delicate, elegant and sophisticated to the eye with the aid of guilloche, mother-of-pearl and white diamonds. The 34 mm dial is encased in stainless steel with two opting for both a steel and rose gold plated bracelet. To fit comfortably on the wrist a slightly smaller movement is required providing a two year-plus battery life. 


The new ladies collection is linked to the theme ‘Move More For Charity.’ An apt slogan with the timepiece hosting functions that monitors sleep cycles, tracks daytime activity and provides get-active alerts. Generously, a percentage of the sales will be donated to; a charitable organisation that aids education by finding funds for school supplies and trips. 




The men’s versions have undergone alterations from the original Horological Smartwatch with the removal of the sundial at 6 o’clock. A more discreet feature that fits seamlessly into timekeeping. The central dial has a 1-100 scale that indicates call and text notifications, tracks activity, and monitors sleep. Simply by pushing the crown the data is shown by the two hands that quickly return to tell the time. With a battery life of four years the new version lasts much longer than the original. 


The breathtaking men’s designs are available in a beautiful rose gold/white design, a striking monochrome version, a luxurious midnight blue/steel edition, a stunning midnight blue/rose gold model and a splendid white with hints of sky blue combination. 




Of course, the new designs connect to an app via bluetooth providing the following functions:


  • “always on” time display
  • activity tracking
  • get-active alerts
  • dynamic coaching
  • cloud backup and restore
  • world timer with 24 time zones
  • sleep monitoring
  • sleep-cycle alarms
  • call and message notifications


Frederique Constant have truly offered an exquisite, sophisticated design that welcomes tradition without neglecting the need for technical advancement. A beautifully executed design that seeks modernity. 

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