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Exploring ArtyA Watches

Stepping outside the box is one thing, but ArtyA watches have completely reinvented what it means to be a luxury watch manufacturer. Their rare, limited editions designs and extraordinary talent for manufacture are just a few of the reasons we at Jura Watches are so excited to announce that we are now official UK retailers for ArtyA watches. You can shop all their exclusive collections on the Jura Watches website alongside our incredible interest free finance and free next day delivery options.


To celebrate our new alliance with ArtyA, we wanted to introduce you to their remarkable world of creativity including some of their most distinctive collections of luxury watch releases. Founded in 2010, ArtyA is the brainchild of avant-garde creator Yvan Arpa, who after making his own significant contribution to the luxury watch industry working with brands like Baume et Mercier and Romain Jerome, launched his own brand under the ArtyA name. Alongside his talented wife Dominique, Yvan Arpa has unveiled an unbelievably imaginative series of timepieces made from rare, unusual materials like real butterfly wings, bullets, fossilized dinosaur droppings, spiders, boxes struck by lightning and tobacco leaves. It is these unusual materials and rare limited edition runs that makes ArtyA watches so coveted by collectors all over the world.



Handcrafted in the centre of Switzerland’s watchmaking capital, Geneva, ArtyA watches are an entirely independent luxury watch brand where no more than ten people are responsible for fine-tuning the cases, straps, bezels, dials and movements of every ArtyA watch. Alongside this remarkable attention to detail, the Swiss house has also established its own manufacture, something very few watch brands can attest to, engineering tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar movements. Last year, they took things one step further with the unveiling of their own COSC certified in-house movement.


There are an incredible selection of ArtyA watches to choose from with the majority of the ArtyA watch collections named after the “Son of” brand name including the Son of Sound, Son of a Gun, Son of Earth and Son of Gears. Each of these iconic families take inspiration from an exciting and magical part of our world whether it’s the beauty of Mother Nature just outside our door or the incredible know-how of the watchmaking industry. Let’s take a look at some of these watch collections in more detail…


ArtyA Race Watches



One of the few ArtyA watch series not named under the “Son of” brand, the ArtyA Race collection takes inspiration from the world of auto racing with unique open worked dials designed after race car wheel trims. The complex construction of the dial becomes even more mesmerising when with every movement of the wrist, the “wheel trim” spins quickly evoking the look of a moving car. Many of the ArtyA Race watches are limited to less than 99 pieces making petrol head watch collectors all over desperate to get their hands on them.


Shop ArtyA Race Watches


ArtyA Son of a Gun Watches



The ArtyA Son of a Gun watch collection is believed to be the very first of its kind to contain real bullets. The dials encapsulate the likes of 6mm bullets, 44 Magnum and different sized shot gun cartridges. The bullets are captured within a series of different case materials including classic stainless steel, black PVD or the stunning bi-colour model which is beautifully engineered from gold, zinc and copper taken from used bullet cartridges and engineered into the bezel and dial. The ArtyA Son of a Gun Russian Roulette watch is a popular choice for its fast spinning dial with six apertures which mirrors the bullet chamber of a six shooter and only one being set with a real bullet.


Shop ArtyA Son of a Gun Watches


ArtyA Son of Earth Watches



Those enchanted by the beauty of nature will instantly fall for the ArtyA Son of Earth watch collection. Every design in the ArtyA Son of Earth series is completely unique and a genuine miniature work of art featuring rare materials like tropical butterfly wings, seabed treasures, natural pigments, tobacco, gold leaves, spiders, fish scales and more. To create these dial designs, over 17 watchmaking techniques have been developed, many of which have never been used before in the industry. We particularly love the ArtyA Son of Earth Butterfly watch which encapsulates real butterfly wings within the dial which is beautifully paired with a luxurious blue alligator leather strap match.


Shop ArtyA Son of Earth Watches


ArtyA Son of Gears Watches



The ArtyA Son of Gears watch collection is a tribute to the age-old knowhow of the watchmaking industry with gears, wheels and electronic parts dominating the design and invading the dial, bezel and case.  These extraordinary elements of watchmaking are largely displayed through skeletonised dials which beautifully expose the mechanical movement within which are engineered into the shapes of the sun, stars or the Edelweiss flower. The ArtyA Son of Gears Shams watch is a fine example of the brand’s technical prowess with complex and beautifully coloured skeleton dials housed beneath triple coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass.


Shop ArtyA Son of Gears Watches


ArtyA Son of Sound Watches



Just as the name suggests, the ArtyA Son of Sound watch collection takes inspiration from all things music with revolutionary guitar-shaped cases and unique dials designs which contain real rock star’s guitar picks, musical celebrities’ artwork and handmade dancing skulls. The ArtyA Son of Sound Guitar watch is one of the brand’s most legendary designs which took no fewer than seven patents to protect. It’s avant-garde profile also includes real hand-stretched strings and four tuning pegs which do more than just look cool but actually activate the Swiss Made chronograph movement housed within.


Shop ArtyA Son of Sound Watches

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