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Bremont Supersonic Limited Editon Watch Review


Flying into London last night at supersonic speed, was the three new limited editions from Bremont. The trio honour the 50th anniversary of the Concorde - a brilliant flying machine that halved the time of transatlantic crossings and became an iconic aircraft! The flight from London to New York was under three hours thanks to the incredible minds behind Concorde. There’s no better way to celebrate this moment in aviation history than with three beautiful new designs from the British watch brand. The Supersonic models are the eighth historic limited edition by Bremont.


Launched in 1969, Concorde was a flying experience like no other. Seven of the 20 built flew across the Atlantic under British Airways. Over 2.5 million British Airways passengers boarded the sublime aircraft that took them eleven miles high at twice the speed of sound. In total, the speed machine tallied up more supersonic flying hours than the entire world’s air forces combined during its 27 years of service. Nothing in the aviation world has rivalled her since.




To make the limited editions extra special, parts of Concorde are included in the design. The aviation marvel is an icon of British engineering with it’s sophisticated, elegant design and ultimate precision – much like that of a Bremont timepiece. The new designs feature a ring of aluminium from Alpha Bravo – the remaining Concorde that resides at Heathrow, which first flew in 1976. Also, G-BOAB’s attributes are inscribed in gold on the aluminium decoration ring for a beautiful finish. Concorde's instantly recognisable silhouette has been incorporated into the mechanical customised base plate of the Supersonic timepiece, which can be viewed via the transparent caseback. 


Doing their part for the future of aviation and its pilots, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Air League Trust, which helps under privileged children to learn how to fly. The fantastic organisation belongs to a wider network of charities supported by British Airways, called Flying Start.




The fleet consists of three designs with stainless steel, rose gold and white gold cases. The Supersonic debuts Bremont’s first manual wind movement with an 8 day power reserve that sits at 12 o’clock on the sunburst white dial, which is a nod to Concorde’s specially developed highly reflective paint. With only 300 pieces made in the stainless steel variety, the blue hands echo the British Airways uniform on Concorde’s flights. However, the gold case models are available to a limitation of 100 pieces for exclusivity and to add an extra special touch. Bremont understands it's all in the details, icluding beautifully crafted features that honour Concorde's remarkable legacy - even the 12 o'clock marker resembles the elegant shape. 


Each design is presented in a Concorde shape packaging, which has been made in England as a tribute to the iconic silhouette that will always be remembered as an engineering masterpiece. 


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