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Mondaine Watches and Barclays a well-timed partnership

Technology has become such an important part of our daily lives, with mobile phones becoming an everyday accessory and WiFi making life seem like child’s play. But most importantly, our reliance on new technology has not gone unnoticed by the watch industry.


Luxury brands like Breitling have released technically astute models like their new Exospace B55 watch which connects to your smartphone while Suunto watches let you have your own mini GPS system on the wrist. But another brand that has surprised us all by utilising the power of these changing technologies is Mondaine.


Mondaine has recently paired up with bank giant Barclays to bring us bPay Loop. This futuristic device allows you to slot a contactless chip onto the strap of your watch and make touch-and-go payments up to £30 wherever you see the contactless sign. Although this works with any 22mm strap with an open buckle, Mondaine have specifically chosen their most popular collections Evo Big Date and Simply Elegant to be the face of this innovative concept.



This unique idea is perfect for those always on the go, whether you’re out grabbing lunch, making an unexpected purchase or stopping off for coffee, you can just simply swipe your watch across the contactless system to pay.


Check out the Mondaine Evo Big Date and Simply Elegant watches on our website here or give us a call on 01335 453453 for more information about this partnership.

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