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Ball Watch Company Engineer III Endurance 1917 Limited Edition Watch Review


Ball Watch Company release the Engineer III Endurance 1917 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition carried out by Sir Ernest Shackleton - a courageous explorer that is recognised as one of the boldest adventurers the world has ever encountered. Limited to 1000 pieces, the watch is built to survive the impossible with revolutionary luminosity, cold weather technology and rugged protection.


The life threatening, dangerous journey was famously carried out by Shackleton with 27 brave men in toe. In October 1914, the crew departed heading for the South Pole, which came to an abrupt halt just three months in when they hit an icy patch - quite literally with the ship trapped in ice. The extreme weather left the explorers fighting for survival on the frozen sea forced to set up camp. In a desperate attempt to be rescued, Shackleton devised a plan that eventually led them to safety. To everyones disbelief the 28 men returned after two years!


Shackleton and his team sailed through 17 hours of darkness each day during the expedition. Considering the challenges the crew would have faced, Ball Watch Company guarantees readability and reliability in complete darkness. The Endurance 1917 is fitted with 16 1mm high micro gas tubes that overcome restricted lighting.




Another challenge to overcome is reaching sub-zero temperatures. The impressive movement features cold temperature resistance oil to ensure precision and functionality. A unique blend created by the expert Ball Watch Company team that guarantees that the instrument will survive a temperature range from -40°C to -60°C. Rigorous testing was carried out for 100% accuracy under these cold conditions.


The new release is equipped to deal with nature’s harshest elements whether unexpected or foreseen. The mu-metal shield protects the movement from magnetic disturbance up to 80,000 A/m whilst the patented Amortiser system absorbs the energy created by side shocks. Along with the strong exterior made from 316L steel, the instrument resists corrosion bringing a robust, tough case and bracelet strap. To avoid scratches the 42mm model is coated with titanium carbide (TiC) and features a TMT mechanical thermometer which measures -35°C and -45°C with precision.



The Endurance 1917 carries the spirit of the crew who survived against all the odds stacked against them. A bold, strong device that embraces extreme conditions and unexpected challenges during the legendary expedition. The perfect companion for the courageous explorers and thrill seekers amongst us.

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