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Alpina Watches Adventurer Patrick Sweeney Review

Alpina Adventurer, Patrick Sweeney

How’s your week going? Seriously, how’s it going? Do you wake up excited for the day ahead or dreading the mundane office routine, 70 hour weeks and endless amount of paper work to struggle through. In a busy, technical obsessed world that dominates lives many forget to explore the world around them, appreciating the beauty. Alpina adventurer, Patrick Sweeney plans to find each individuals adventurer within, confident that their passion still exists after being glued to their iPhone, Laptop and desk for a long time. 


Patrick Sweeney knows only too well about the strain of modern life after starting three technology companies worth millions of dollars. Leaving his technological success behind, he chose a life of an adventurer. Yes. That is a real job! His decision was sparked by a rare case of Leukemia, which made him reassess his life. The long, long hours was exhausting and very unfulfilling; a change was definitely needed to live the life that was meant for him. Patrick chases adventure. A life of thrill seeking, adrenaline rushing decisions that he wishes to share to find the adventurer in all of us. 


Alpina Adventurer Patrick Sweeney


He has witnessed too many people living for the weekend rather than enjoying every minute of their life; the fun, exciting world that surrounds us. Finding pleasure in everyday life is a must making you a better parent, partner, son, friend; the list is endless. Too many spend their days chasing success that doesn’t breed happiness. 


Now, Patrick doesn’t expect people to give up their current life and career plans completely. Yet, encourages people to do something a month that scares you. Experience life in a new, exciting way. Embrace the adventurer inside you with the help of Mr Sweeney and the Adventure Hub; an outlet where he shares articles, videos and reviews to encourage individuals to move away from their comfort zone. Get up off the couch, out of the office and into the world! 


Alpina Watch Startimer Pilot Big Date Chronograph AL-372BS4S6B


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