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A guide to Montblanc’s new UltraBlack Writing Instruments

Last year Montblanc launched a new campaign under the tagline “What Moves You, Makes You”. The message behind the new concept is one defined by success, independence and individuality. As part of this platform to encourage the world’s next generation of entrepreneurs, scientists and professionals, Montblanc welcomes Move Makers into its family. A select few individuals tell their story through the power of the manufacturers’ global status, whilst experiencing a piece of Montblanc’s success for themselves. Whether that be the Montblanc UltraBlack 1858 Geosphere watch, styled on the wrist of Peaky Blinders’ very own Tommy Shelby himself, or a travel bag from the company’s leather goods collection, stylized by successful DJ Peggy Gou – the products from the UltraBlack collection are reinforced by this new brand campaign.


Belonging to the UltraBlack collection are two new designs from the popular Starwalker collection - three Starwalker UltraBlack Doue pens and three Starwalker Precious Resin watches. These new additions join other releases like a new Montblanc Summit Lite Aluminium Black smartwatch showcasing an UltraBlack watch face and an M-pattern on its leather band. Also, a set of MB 01 UltraBlack Over-Ear Headphones, the aforementioned UltraBlack version of the 1858 Geosphere watch, and an UltraBlack Augmented Paper device and notepad (which translates written notes into digital form for assisting with all manner of office-related tasks).


But now, a quick note on Montblanc’s Starwalker range of writing instruments. When the manufacturer decided to release its rollerball and fineliner pens in Starwalker form, it was an attempt to offer its collectors something a little more contemporary. In alignment with the Starwalker collection, Montblanc replaced the floating star emblem with a black and white acrylic star logo. Today the current range embodies style, performance and craftsmanship and is offered in fineliner, ballpoints and fountain pen versions.


Montblanc Starwalker UltraBlack Doue Ballpoint, Fountain Pen and Fineliner Pen


The three Starwalker UltraBlack Doue pens from Montblanc follow faithfully in the footsteps of the rest of the collection and call to mind visions of walking amidst the stars. Fittingly, the UltraBlack series of Montblanc product celebrates a classic colour that has always been a core part of the brand’s catalogue, not to mention its dominant role in forming the company’s instantly recognisable star emblem. The Starwalker Doue Fountain Pen is crafted from matte black precious resin, as are the ballpoint and fineliner iterations. It features a black ruthenium-coated cap and fittings, which give the design a resolutely modern feel, enhancing a sleek silhouette designed to fit effortlessly in the palm of the hand. The Montblanc emblem is positioned underneath a translucent dome at the top of the pen. To finish the design, the UltraBlack Doue Fountain Pen is finished with a ruthenium-coated Au585 /14 K gold nib.



The ballpoint pen is similarly designed being that it too has been crafted from matte black precious resin. A black ruthenium-coated forepart and fittings comprise three bands around the centre of the barrel and complete the pen’s timeless look. The Montblanc Starwalker UltraBlack fineliner pen is equally as stylish and depicts the depth of space via a matte black precious resin barrel. Ideal for drawing and sketching, the fineliner is designed to release an individual’s artistic side and will make a great gift for a loved one on their anniversary or birthday.


Montblanc Starwalker UltraBlack Precious Resin Ballpoint, Fountain Pen and Fineliner Pen


Embodying the mystery and allure of the cosmos, the Precious Resin Fountain Pen from the new Starwalker UltraBlack sub-collection is elegantly crafted with a black ruthenium-coated Au585 /14 K gold nib. Thanks to the company’s patented StarWalker emblem technology, the pen features the floating emblem through a translucent dome at the top of the pen and comes complete in a luxurious Montblanc presentation box for completing the perfect gift experience. Although walking through the stars and space is the ultimate adventure, the fineliner and ballpoint pens which join this collection are intended to inspire anyone to write their own story and leave their own mark on the universe – a fitting message that coincides with the brand’s current “What Makes You, Moves You” campaign. The ballpoint and fineliner pens also feature the same black ruthenium coated clips and fittings. As instruments of imagination and creation, Montblanc’s iconic star emblem appears to float in the air, just as a spaceman would.



What makes Montblanc writing instruments so special?


To appreciate just how collectable Montblanc writing instruments are, it is important to get an understanding of the history of the manufacturer and how it became a pioneer during the time of the early fountain pen. Montblanc’s origins began in 1906 when August Eberstein, a Berlin designer created a very simple fountain pen design before the company was taken over by three men named Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and Claus Johannes Voss. Coined ‘manufacturers of high-class gold and fountain pens’, the company became incredibly successful, gaining its name “Montblanc” in 1909 and developing iconic designs like the Rouge et Noir.


In 1924 Montblanc had launched its 149 Meisterstuck Fountain Pen, which soon became a style icon sought after for its slender profile, luxurious materials and meticulous finishes. Soon after, Montblanc branched out into leather goods and in 1929 the nib of the Meisterstuck was engraved with the 4810 numbering – a nod to the height of Mont Blanc itself, which stands at 4,810 metres tall. During the 1980s, Montblanc released a precious metal version of the Meisterstuck pen and went by the slogan “Montblanc – The Art of Writing”.


When thinking of luxury gifts and exquisite writing instruments, Montblanc instantly springs to mind. The company has now been manufacturing designs like the Meisterstuck and Starwalker for over a century and continues to lead the industry with innovation after innovation. To view more of our Montblanc writing range and gift range here at Jura Watches, you can visit our collections here or call our sales team and speak to a member of Jura Watches on 01335 453453

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