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A Closer Look at the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm

The fourth generation of Connected watch by TAG Heuer has arrived and is offered in an all-new 42mm and a redesigned 45mm model. Jura Watches takes a closer look at the 45mm version, highlighting its latest touch-easy features and new rounded aesthetic.


Smartwatches have been dominating the luxury watch industry for over half a decade but has that had an impact on traditional Swiss watchmaking? Absolutely not. Especially for forward-thinking brands like TAG Heuer who honed into the convenience and functionality of wrist-worn smart technology long before others. It found a way to get keep its place at the forefront of the market whilst keeping the spirit and art of Swiss watchmaking alive. That’s great news for people who like sporty chronographs like the Carrera. TAG Heuer found a way to recreate this popular model in the form of a smartwatch that gave the wearer the flexibility to bounce between smartwatch and classic watch parallels. TAG has been aggressive and determined in this approach, and now introduces the Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch with a whole host of new dial options, improved power levels and two size options; one being the new redesigned 45mm model, which comes with a reworked architecture and integrated lugs that slope.



When in 2015, the original TAG Heuer was heralded as the first Swiss watch brand to dominate the Silicon Valley of smartwatches with the Connected watch, no one could have imagined just how it would come to evolve. The sleeker and more curvaceous generation of Connected watches now goes under the name of the Calibre E4 and promises a new guided workout routine, whilst delivering more precise and useful data at the touch of a fingertip. This is, in part, thanks to integrated Bluetooth 0.5 connectivity which offers improved microprocessing.


A smoother, rounder Connected watch…


With clear callbacks to the Carrera series as well as previous generations of the TAG Heuer Connected watch - the new Connected Calibre E4 45mm model has a more rounded profile and nods to a smoother and more refined aesthetic. There are two case materials to choose from: a stainless steel option and a matte black DLC-coated titanium case that donates a more lightweight feel to the wrist, proving itself an advantageous feature for carrying out rigorous workouts at home, in the gym, or outdoors. This latter watch also features a matte black sandblasted ceramic bezel that has been carried over from previous models, as well as a 50-meter water resistance. The overall impression of the revamped 45mm TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watch is more streamlined, but that’s not all.



For the new Connected Calibre E4 watch, TAG Heuer does away with harsh angles and polished planes. As mentioned, the lugs are tapering but the sides of the case are also chamfered, with sections above the lugs that are brushed. The pushbuttons on the sides of the case are also less angular and are now smoother in design. Tuned by TAG Heuer’s experts for a more mechanical feel, it seems that the finer details of the new Connected watch have been very well and truly thought-through carefully.


The different configurations of the new 45mm TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watch


The new 45mm Connected watch is the larger of the two models and comes in a polished and fine-brushed stainless steel case with a polished black ceramic bezel under the ref. SBR8A10. Alternatively, the ref. SBR8A80 is a lightweight grade 2 titanium case with a slick black DLC-coated finish and a sandblasted black ceramic bezel.


From here, there are choices to be made between a steel bracelet ref. BA0616 with H-shaped links and a steel folding clasp with double safety push buttons, or two black rubber straps. One goes by the ref. BT6259 and secures with a steel folding clasp with double safety push buttons, whilst the ref. BT6261 is fitted on a black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp with double push buttons.


The face of the new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4



The new generation of Connected watch by TAG Heuer sees an OLED digital touchscreen that is not only designed to offer better brightness even when viewed under direct sunlight, but its sensitive surface also promises better contrast, partnered with a suite of tasteful digital dial designs – some of which are brought over from previous models - including the Riverside configuration. This offers an animated, flowing and fluid-like motion that plays out across the dial, whilst the Wellness dial puts useful health-related data like heart rate and the step tracker in information panels and displays the on the main dial for instant accessibility.


An improved Sports app


There is now an animated and guided workout routine available as part of the Connected watch’s expanded Sports app. You don’t need to be anywhere near your phone or a TV to take advantage of this new and improved feature. Tailor your upper or lower body workouts to suit your pace with pre-programmable settings as part of your own workout set-up, or follow the pre-loaded routines already offered in the app. Vibrational alerts will let you know once you’re ready to move into the next set of repetitions or switch to a new exercise. Updated tracking options for hiking, biking, running or swimming and golf are also offered in this new 45mm TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 model.


At the moment, the new Connected watch by TAG runs on the Google Wear OS 2 module but customers will be able to upgrade to the Google Wear OS 3 once this becomes available later in the year at no extra cost to the consumer. There’s also an assortment of vividly-coloured rubber and leather bands to configure to the new Connected Calibre E4 watch, as well as the stylish H-shaped link bracelet that features in the classic Carrera series.


New hardware for an improved battery life



The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watch comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ smartwatch processor, which in turn offers a 30% improved battery life. This differs from the previous Snapdragon 3100 of its ancestor. You can therefore enjoy a full 24 hours of power reserve once fully charged with the 45mm Connected Calibre E4 watch, even when using several hours of the new and improved sports tracking apps. The fact that the Snapdragon 4100+ enables you to use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity means that you can transfer data across from your watch to a device wirelessly at double the speed.


A new altimeter sensor


TAG experts equip the new Connected Calibre E4 45mm model with a new altimeter sensor which can now work alongside pre-existing features like the heart rate monitor, GPS module, gyroscope, barometer, compass, NFC chip and, of course, the accelerometer. The addition of the new altimeter sensor enables better tracking of outdoor sports like running and cycling.


At night, you can take your new TAG Heuer Connected watch off and position it on the brand’s new nightstand, which glows discreetly during the darkest hours, displaying accurate time. This stand is not just purely for artistically mounting your watch to a focal point, although its sleek and contemporary design certainly does enhance any modern interior, but it also acts as a power charging point for the watch. The full charging time for the smartwatch is 90 minutes, and a battery charging indicator is shown on the charging stand to let you know when the Connected Calibre E4 watch is ready to be worn again.


If you would like more. Information on the new 45mm TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watch, you can check out the range of design options here online at Jura Watches, or call and speak to a member of our sales team on 01335 453453.

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