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Ball Watch Company Creates SpringLOCK Anti-Shock System

Ball Watch Company has created SpringLOCK, the world's first revolutionary patented anti-shock system that reduces the balance spring's shock impact by 66%.

Shock impacts can cause a standard mechanical movement to vary by up to more or less 60 seconds a day, but the SpringLOCK system guarantees the accuracy of movement. Developed in-house by Ball engineers, the balance spring is protected by a 'cage' that absorbs the energy created by external impacts. With shock impact reduced by up to 66%, wearers are more able to engage in sporting activities while keeping accurate time.

"The SpringLOCK system is specially designed and built for energetic and active users," the brand says. "Today, more than ever, Ball Watch is continuing its journey and asserting its role as a key protagonist in the exploration of modern time and the evolution of watchmaking history."

A number of the new Ball Watch Company models are already equipped with the SpringLOCK system, including the Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne, Engineer Hydrocarbon Black and the Trainmaster Cannonball.

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