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How to Choose Your First Luxury Watch

Taking your first step into the world of luxury timepieces can be a daunting prospect. Where do you start? How do you know if a watch is right for you?


There's a short answer and a long answer.


In short: the best place to start is simply by looking at watches. In that respect, you've come to the right place. On the Jura Watches website, you can browse through thousands of watches. Look for a watch that catches your eye.


If you want to make a more considered purchase, you can think about the following.


Style. Luxury watches are created by master craftsmen to be beautiful. As such, most people fall in love with a watch because of its appearance. That said, be sure to choose a watch that matches your dress sense and personality.


Story. Every watch has a story to tell. We've looked at the history of many of our favourite brands on the Jura Watches news blog. Many manufacturers also give an in-depth history on their own website. Knowing a watch's history - and some watch brands go back hundreds of years - can make a watch extra special.


The Watch's Name. When someone asks about the stunning timepiece on your wrist, you'll want to tell them who made it. Choose a brand name that rolls off your tongue like poetry.


Who else wears it? From James Bond to Humphrey Bogart to Bear Grylls, every celebrity has their a preferred luxury timepiece. You can use a Google search to find out which watches are preferred by the heroes and celebrities you look up to.


What do your friends and family think? Luxury watches are status symbols, so it's helpful to know what your loved ones will think of your chosen timepiece. Make a shortlist of your favourite watches, then ask a lover or close friend to help you make the final choice. You never know, they may offer to buy the watch for you as a gift.


Ultimately, choosing a luxury wrist watch is about listening to your heart. Follow your instincts, and you won't be able to help making the right decision.

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