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Bremont Baselworld 2016 Watch Review

Okay, we’ve been thinking………… Yes - the cogs have been turning!! 


What makes an outstanding watch brand; a label that stands out as a front runner in a world full of contestants closely chasing behind. A brand with nerves of steel who constantly delivers, never questions their ability, identity, history or creativity yet passes the finish line with confidence and pride each time. Embraces the new challenges that each track holds and meets the expectations of their followers; those who believe in their talent and never doubt they will lead the race for years to come. Do you know anyone???


At Jura Watches we are lucky enough to host a plethora of outstanding, exquisite watch brands, which we were reminded of today with the release of three new models by Bremont. As THE time of year approaches where brands are expected to unveil a new, breathtaking collection the pressure is most certainly at a high yet Bremont have triumphed once again with a line that is sophisticated, beautiful and innovative; a collection that confirms the definition of an outstanding watch brand. 


Intrigued??? Take a closer look at the three models in question………..


Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBII White Anthracite

Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBII White Anthracite Pre-Order MBII-WH ANTHRACITE


Named after Martin Baker who designed the British ejection seat technology, the timepiece will mark the pioneering invention that has saved 7,500th lives at the turn of 2016; an incredible achievement that Bremont wish to honour with a new addition to the Martin Baker collection - a fresh white dial that has been released due to popular demand. 


Specifications: bidirectional bezel, leather strap, steel case, 43mm diameter, date and day display, white dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant 


Price: £3,595


Bremont Watch ALT1-Z  

Bremont Watch ALT1-Z GMT ALT1-Z/51


Taking inspiration from a successful predecessor - the Limited Edition P51 - the model adds new design features to add a different dimension to the Bremont collection. The handsome watch ensures that the dial remains legible and clean to accommodate the bespoke Super-LumiNova indices. A decision to move the 24hr function to the bezel ensures clarity whereas more detailing around the stepped sub dials provides a greater depth. 


Specifications: bidirectional bezel, leather strap, steel case, 43mm diameter, chronograph, deployment clasp, date display, black dial, GMT function, 100M water resistant.


Price: £4,295


Bremont Watch ALT1-C Black Polished 

Bremont Watch ALT1-C Black Polished ALT1-C/PB



The addition to the exquisite ALT1-C is subtle and sophisticated. The black dial with grey sub dials and silver indices and hands gives a classic feel that will be adored by many. Framed with a polished stainless steel case adds to the simplistic beauty that is finished with an alligator strap. Bremont proves that sticking to tradition and making slight changes can transform a watch bringing the collection into a new year. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, steel case, 43 mm diameter, chronograph, deployment clasp type, date display, black dial, automatic movement, 1OOM water resistant.


Price: £4,695


Bremont strikes again with a incredible collection. It's only a matter of time before they reveal more striking timepieces to remain a front runner in the Basel race...........


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