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Raymond Weil's Punk Inspired Watch Review

Raymond Weil

The nominees, performers and presenters eagerly prepare for the musical award ceremony OF . THE . YEAR - and receiving their stunning Raymond Weil watch - more on that later!! A night where musical genius’ gather in anticipation, hope and excitement to be named the best boy band, newcomer or female artist. A room full of artists who have practice their speeches and nervous smile to perfection. You guessed it, it’s obviously THE BRIT AWARDS!!!! 


The Brit Awards is a celebration of musical talent in the UK; a patriotic evening where established artists and newcomers are recognised for their contribution to music without discriminating against international musicians. Raymond Weil is a natural fit to sponsor such an event with their dedication and passion to music. Avid followers will have witnessed numerous timepieces inspired by artists, instruments and brands. 2016 marks the 11th year of the collaboration and the 40th anniversary of the birth of punk and the luxury watch brand. The obvious answer is to combine all influences into a spectacular watch that explores the punk rebellion and its contribution to music. 


The Limited Edition watch presents a distressed Union Jack dial to cement the punk influence in a patriotic way. The striking dial measures at 42mm and is manufactured to a limitation of 70 pieces. The red, white and blue striped nato strap is a first for Raymond Weil as never before has a NATO-style fastening been attached to the brands dial design!! 


The Chief Executive Officer of Raymond Weil, Elie Bernheim explains: “Raymond Weil is delighted to celebrate the long-standing and successful partnership with The Brit Awards with the launch of this striking punk-inspired toccata timepiece. There is a singer and relationship that music and watchmaking have in common and music continues to be a significant part of the Raymond Weil DMA.”


Let’s sneak backstage in hope of getting our hands on the bold timepiece. Who’s with me??? 

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