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Oris Divers Sixty-Five Watch Review

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I have much admiration for Oris. The Swiss watch brand from Hölstein has been making watches since 1904, delivering high quality timepieces which are often priced at very keen levels. This year, its latest watches uphold this reputation. 


Sometime ago, I had the profound pleasure of wearing the brand’s robust diver’s watch, the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. This fascinating watch features an ingenious feature where water enters a channel beneath the sapphire crystal and the meniscus denotes the prevailing depth. Interestingly, this timepiece has been subject to a recent make-over and Jura Watches are selling the original watches at an attractively discounted price. 


My prolonged test of the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge vindicated my belief that this brand makes superb divers’ watches at sensible money. Now the brand has seduced me with another new diver’s watch, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five. 


Where the Aquis Depth Gauge evinces a modern persona, the Divers Sixty-Five embraces a bygone era, displaying a delightfully retro aesthetic. This latest timepiece references an iconic diver’s watch from 1965 with lovely details that capture the character of the original. 


However, Oris is a progressive brand and has ensured that this latest timepiece benefits from numerous advances in horology with a modern-day specification. The plexi-crystal of the original is replaced with a stronger, ‘bubble-curved’ sapphire crystal featuring anti-reflective coating on its internal surface. 


The original tritium-filled hands, a cause of illness to watchmakers, has been supplanted with SuperLumiNova ® which proffers excellent visibility in restricted light, without any risk to Oris’s workers. 


Appealing to today’s preference for larger watches, the stainless steel case of the Divers Sixty-Five is 40mm in diameter. 


The watch is water resistant to 100 metres. If you require superior water resistance then you may wish to select the Aquis Depth Gauge. However, the Divers Sixty-Five does proffer a more diminutive appearance which some would-be buyers may well prefer. Moreover, the dial is an exemplar of peerless legibility and the NATO strap proves incredibly comfortable. 


In creating the Divers Sixty-Five, Oris has produced a handsome diver’s watch and you don’t need to get your feet wet to derive benefit from its impressive specification.

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