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Oris Watch Supports 'Sea Hero of the Year' Award


As official sponsor of Scuba Diving magazine's 'Sea Hero of the Year' award, Oris has presented a $5,000 grant to Jill Heinerth for her project, 'We Are Water'.

The Sea Hero program was designed to celebrate people that "go above and beyond to help protect the world's oceans". Scuba Diving magazine featured five 'Sea Heroes' during 2012, and each one received an Oris Diver's Date watch to celebrate their achievement. Jill Heinerth was chosen as the year's overall winner, and receives the cash prize to further her work.

Heinerth is an award winning film maker, and part of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. She set up her film project, 'We Are Water', in order to create awareness about the world's shrinking water resources, and help people make the best choices in their daily water usage. Heinerth is now planning a 5,000-mile bicycle tour across Canada in Spring 2013 to show the film at schools and other public venues.

"This is so meaningful because 100 percent of this money is going to support the We Are Water project,” Heinerth told Scuba Diving magazine. "We are all heroes of the sea by doing what we do: getting in the water and taking kids into this environment and doing remarkable things to bring the next generation to love and protect our fresh water and our oceans. This will go a long way in helping us continue our work, and I'm incredibly grateful."

Oris is known for supporting marine conversation through the sale of limited edition watches, such as the Oris Tubbataha Limited Edition which honours the work of the Tubbataha Reef Project.
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