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Breitling Watch DC-3 Passengers Watch Jetman in Flight


Passengers of the Breitling Douglas DC-3 had a unique view of the world's first jet-powered man in full flight, as Yves 'Jetman' Rossy flew in close formation to the vintage aircraft.

In 2006 Yves Rossy became the first person to achieve sustained human flight using a jet-powered fixed 'wing' strapped to his back. The rigid carbon Kevlar wing is equipped with four jet engines, and has led to successful flights over Rio de Janeiro, Grand Canyon West and the English Channel. Rossy has also flown in formation with the Breitling Jet Team and Breitling Wingwalkers.
In this latest feat, Rossy positioned himself on the skid of an Eagle AS 350 helicopter which climbed to 6,000 ft above Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Rossy fell backwards from the helicopter, stabilised the Jetwing and engaged all four engines to full throttle, reaching a speed of 205 km/h and altitude of 4,500 ft.
Rossy flew alongside Breitling's 1940s twin propeller aircraft, which had taken a holding position during his climb, for seven minutes before his fuel supply was exhausted. He then pulled his parachutes to land safely at Buochs airport.
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