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Maurice Lacroix Watch Continues to Support Freediver Séb Murat


Freediver Séb 'The Sub' Murat will continue his attempt to set a world record after missing the opportunity during two weeks set aside for a special blogging competition hosted by Maurice Lacroix.

Murat aims to dive 703ft below sea level without oxygen using a special breathing technique inspired by his studies of whales, dolphins and seals. Maurice Lacroix ran a worldwide competition called 'The French Job' in order to find a team of eight bloggers and assistants to support Murat in the record attempt.
Following video applications and public voting, bloggers were selected in four languages (English, German, Russian and Chinese) alongside a video blogger, a Wordpress expert, a personal assistant and a pool boy. The team spent two weeks in a luxury villa on the French Riviera, and were each given a Maurice Lacroix Pontos S watch as part of their prize - the same watch that Séb Murat wears while freediving.

Unfortunately Murat was unable to attain the world record during the two weeks. English blogger Denea Buckingham explained that "the puzzle of perfect diving conditions, optimal equipment performance, mental and physical preparedness did not intersect" but stressed that Murat will continue his studies of the Mammalian Diving Reflex in order to achieve his goals in future. "Experiencing first hand Sébastien’s determination and ingenious approach to his craft I have no doubt that we will see him reach new heights in freediving and discover new depths in the human species," she wrote in her final blog post.
Murat also spoke of his continued dedication to the project: "To merely plunge toward a number without testing the waters and obtaining all the facts is the way freedivers endanger themselves and others. I love the sport and I am fascinated by the possibilities of human instinct underwater and how we can evolve as a species. I will continue to dive and to push my own limits, logically and over time. Along with Maurice Lacroix I will attempt the record again in the future.”
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