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Suunto Watch Ambassador Wins World Freediving Award


Suunto brand ambassador William Trubridge has won the World's Absolute Freediving Award for the second consecutive year.

Freediving is a form of underwater diving where competitors attempt to beat great depths, times or distances on a single breath, as no scuba gear or external breathing equipment is used.

The World's Absolute Freediver Award is an annual prize for freedivers with the highest combined score in six freediving disciplines. Trubridge's latest victory in the Bahamas broke the all-time points record for the competition, and ranks him as the world's top freediver.

Trubridge learnt to swim at 18 months and could freedive to 15 metres by the age of 8. He can now dive to over 100 metres without assistance, and has broken around 15 world records in his career. The freediver became a Suunto ambassador after winning the first ever Suunto Dive-Off competition in 2010, and now uses a range of the brand's diving equipment in his training, including an Elementum Aqua watch.
The Suunto Elementum Aqua has a water sensor that switches to diver's mode when the watch is submerged. The watch has a dive log feature with recording mode that is activated automatically at 1.2 metres in depth. It detects real and maximum depths, watch temperature and dive time.
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