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Traser H3 Diver Automatic Watch Review


Traser H3 is supporting scuba diver Mark Colman's world record attempt to spend five days and five nights underwater.

Ex-Royal Engineer Mark Colman had served in the Gulf War and enjoyed a career in Commercial Diving, but found that he could no longer dive after a friend died in his arms in the water in 2000.

After a difficult few years, Colman found the charity VIA (Veterans in Action) for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and those struggling to adjust to civilian life. With help from the charity he was inspired to dive again, and will now attempt a world record for the longest submerged dive in a controlled environment to raise money for VIA.

"For me this is a huge thing as it will be the first time back diving since losing my friend." Colman writes at his website. "I hope to raise a lot of money for the charity."
The record attempt will take place on June 18th 2012 in an underwater studio. The current record is 100 hours (4 days, 4 hours), so Colman is aiming for 5 days. The dive will be done in scuba gear, with nothing attached to the surface, and he will be allowed a 20 minute break to eat, drink and go to the toilet every four hours.

Colman will wear a Traser H3 Diver Automatic Orange during his record attempt, offering water resistance to 300 metres. "A huge thank you to Traser H3 Watches of Switzerland," he said. "They have supplied me with a new watch to wear throughout my attempt, as well as donating £500 to the fundraising."
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