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U-Boat Bespoke Classico with Black Diamonds Watch Review


U-Boat presented a black diamond watch at Baselworld 2012; the most expensive and luxurious timepiece in the brand's collection.

'The Black Swan' is a bespoke version of the Classico Gold, created from a brief given by a private customer. It is worth around £80,000, and was proudly displayed in Basel as an example of U-Boat's fine Italian handiwork.



The U-Boat Black Swan has a 45mm case, made from 18 carat gold and completely covered in 11 carat diamonds. The diamonds differ in size, with some set backwards to give a spiked look.

A selection of white diamonds are used at the side of the case to display the U-Boat name, and the 18 carat gold buckle also features black diamonds at the side. The watch includes around 800 diamonds in total, each individually set by hand.


The Black Swan has automatic mechanical movement, personalised to U-Boat specifications, and the back of the watch is 18 carat gold sealed with eight external screws.
The dial is made from two superimposed layers, in black and 18 carat gold, protected by scratch proof sapphire crystal. The watch comes with a handmade, hand finished black alligator leather strap.
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