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Luminox Essential Gear Watch Review


World-famous diver and environmental activist Scott Cassell is to wear a Luminox watch later this month, as he completes a world record-breaking dive of 30 miles in less than 24 hours from Catalina to Los Angeles.

He will use state-of-the-art equipment, including a computer-controlled Mixed Gas Rebreather, Luminox's EssentialGear timepiece for divers, and an acoustic shark attractor. Through the dive, Cassell is aiming to raise awareness about the state of the Southern California coastline ocean.

He particularly wants to raise awareness around the issue of the drastic drop in the shark population. He warned: "This problem is very real and very relevant. The absence of sharks in our oceans is a major concern for keeping overall balance in marine life."

Scott's journey will be filmed so that others can see for themselves the problems in the ocean. The footage will be streamed on the Luminox watch website.

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