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Giuliano Mazzuoli's Manometro Watch Review


This year’s all-black craze continues apace with Giuliano Mazzuoli’s new version of his Manometro watch. The sporty Manometro S (£2,500) isn’t just another exercise in ceramic/PVD/diamond-like carbon though – as we’re coming to expect from the Italian stationary designer, it is a truly audacious concept, employing carbon fibre for both case and dial without any metal frame – one of the first watches to do so. The ‘S’ model temporarily abandons the pressure-gauge looks that gave the Manometro its name in the first place, but the chunky 45.2 mm cyclindrical shape still lends itself well to the techy aesthetic – especially in combination with the sleek titanium crown. And just to rub his new direction in further, Mazzuoli states that since carbon fibre is porous, “Formula 1 technology” was applied to the case making it water resistant to 50 m. All of this will fade into the background, however, when his Alfa Romeo ‘Contagiri’ watch is officially unveiled. Trust us; it’s worth getting excited about.
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