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Bell & Ross BR-01 Watch Review


It's as good as, if not better than we expected. The BR-01 Instrument, whose colossal square proportions exploded onto the market just 3 years ago, has now been specced-up with spectacular results. BNB Concept - the prolific movement maestros currently realising Hublot, HD3 and DeWitt's wildest dreams - have given Bell & Ross's modern classic not just a tourbillon with black-gold cage, but also a regulator dial, power reserve of 120 hours, carbon-fibre bridges and most interestingly a 'Trust' indicator. No, that's not 'Thrust', as we originally assumed, but actually a means of knowing when to 'trust' the time being told, depending on whether the watch is over-wound, or under-wound. In other words, you can guage when to stop winding the watch for optimal precision.
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