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Carl F. Bucherer Alacria Royal Watch Review


Luxury watch brand Carl F. Bucherer has released the Alacria Royal, an opulent ladies’ watch that comes in four colours.

The watches are heavily jewelled, incorporating stones such as diamonds, blue and orange-coloured sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The watches were inspired by Indian colour symbolism, where orange and blue are the skin colours of the gods and stand for courage and willingness to make sacrifices.

Emerald green stands for energy and pure living and red reflects power and dignity. The diamond symbolises eternity and majestic power.

A spokesperson for Carl F. Bucherer watches said: “Carl F. Bucherer was inspired to create four exquisite variants with these precious stones, giving rise to a truly regal lady’s watch of stunning beauty, which dazzles with its profound aura of distinction.”

Just 25 of each colour will be released.
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